Marni Sheehan – Inside Stories


Marni Sheehan – Inside Stories
Review by Peter Harrison

Inside Stories is the latest release from Marni Sheehan, and is a mix of blues, country, and Irish-style ballads.
Everybody got to believe in something dear/Everybody got to believe in something dear/I believe in something/ I believe I’ll have another beer.
It’s this line, in Marni Sheehan’s “Lonesome Blues” that cements the end of a perfectly constructed blues piece.
It is classic country blues, punctuated by the wailing slide guitar of Kenny White, who also pops up on track 11 “Peace and Quiet Blues”.
Marni has a light voice, very airy with a strong Aussie accent.
She sounds at her best on the quieter, jazzy numbers on this record, as well as the after midnight blues tracks.
All the songs on the album are originals, and this works for and against Marni in some cases.
It works well on “Mama was a Good Time Girl”, a story about a mother who sounds as though she has had anything but a good time.
Marni’s song writing is not as good on the lighter material, such as the kooky “Down at the Fish Shop” in which her writing almost works, but falls short, and is not as absurd as it needs to be.
However, Marni can write a great story-song, such as the outlaws-on-the-run tale of “True Hearts”.
This track is a Bonnie and Clyde style story, following the tale of the lovers as they are caught and torn apart.
The Irish fiddle and mandolin laced ‘Rambling Rose & the Gardener of Love’ is also a credit to Marni.
Marni Sheehan is perfect for those who enjoy their quieter, acoustic blues, with a few slightly country elements and the odd Irish Fiddle thrown in for good measure.

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