Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club – A Long Way From Home


A performance by the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club CD “A Long Way From Home” Includes the music for 23 tunes, all with some link between Scotland and Australia. NOTE: This album has a corresponding tune book: A Long Way From Home Tune Book – TN602-B $15

Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club and Friends: A Long Way From Home They’re a bit of an institution in Melbourne. The Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club (MSFC) enables over 30 people of all ages to make music together, linked by a love of Scottish traditional music in Australia. This CD marks the 10th anniversary of the Club (in 2005) and sees the group romp through familiar and unfamiliar tunes – with some fascinating sideways connects such as Paul Kelly’s ‘From St Kilda to Kings Cross’ allied with ‘Shelley’s Reel’, and the traditional New Zealand tune of ‘Hoea Ra’. Neil Adam and Judy Turner have been driving forces within the MSFC (as its Musical Directors) and they feature her in voice and fiddle; they are also joined by guest musicians in front o the massed fiddles: Alex Legg, Jenny Thomas, Chris Duncane, the Hawthorn City Pipe Band and others. So not just fiddles, but also small (and highland) pipes, Chinese fiddle, cello, bass, accordion, mandolin, piano and drums appear in a joyous celebration of reels, marches, jigs and songs.
Review by Roger Holdsworth

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