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“Songs To Go To Sleep By…” the third EP from Metamorphosis (A.K.A. Matt Bentley), is an eclectic work, stylistically ranging from ambient acoustics to energetic pop-folk in an EP which gently takes us from highs and lows, then back to highs. The EP blends a wide variety of sounds including worded vocals, wordless vocals, violins, guitars, basses and synthesizers into a delicate mix of acoustic bliss.

CD REVIEW. – by Chris Spencer

Metamorphosis is a solo recording project of New Zealander, Matthew Bentley.
This is one of several recordings he has produced, and judging by the pictures on his website, they are of similar quality. (Never judge a CD by its cover!)
One of the descriptions of his music is “eclectic, ranging from ambient acoustic to energetic folk-pop”.

Well I’ve got to disagree with a couple of those sentiments.
Ambient yes, acoustic yes, energetic no, Folk pop no.
There’s nothing here for the traditional folk enthusiast.

The music, if one could call it that, is more in the experimental mould, soundscapes based around plodding piano, or acoustic guitar backdrops, with ethereal vocals in the background, or wind noises, or electronic noises.

His music is more suited to film scores, and when I checked his website, it mentions his work writing music for films.

Track three, “Roses”, is the most assessable here: the song’s structure is more common, vocals over an acoustically picked guitar.

However the words are difficult to decipher and if you had the sound down low to go to sleep, the vocals become another instrument.

If you were expecting some cute lullabies as suggested by the title, you would be disappointed. The music has more in common with Pink Floyd and their ilk, than any folk related derivatives.

Bentley’s vocals are interesting, they have a certain timbre that makes listening to this CD pleasant, but he sings within himself and never extends the dynamic range.

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