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For some, the path to music industry glory leads from TV talent quest to ring-tone fame. In the world of folk and roots, however, there’s no room for fakers. It’s about stories; about struggle, survival and finding the truth in the simple life. It’s about intimate performances. A man and his guitar. A microphone and an audience. In the creative hub around Castlemaine, Mick Ahearne lives his life as just another ‘tradie’ about town. His latest album Forward displays the same boyish enthusiasm and grassroots love of the trade that charms audiences from festival stage to country pub. The singer-songwriter’s previous album In the Pocket was released to shining reviews. Forward is the next step along the path of his passion. It’s also a truly local product. Recorded in Bendigo, it’s a collection of songs written by Ahearne and friends. Friends like national legends Broderick Smith (the pair travelled together for 10 years) and Shane Howard (ex-Goanna). Acclaimed musos on the recording include `The Reverend’ Mick O’Connor on keyboards and sax-man Tony Buchanan. Distinctly Australian at heart, the new tunes are a mix of flavours, blending elements of earthy, rootsy folk with a splash of jazz.

Mick Ahearne ‘Forward’

CD Review by John Williams

Mick Ahearne is a well known singer/songwriter who has performed with various bands such as The Bandicoots Bush Band and a cover band, Harvey, since 1973.

He also performed with Broderick Smith for a ten year period.  He now lives in Central Victoria where he has built his own recording studio.

There are ten tracks on this beautifully crafted CD.

The opening track is ‘The Weaver’ and Mick’s soulful vocal sets the listener up for a worthwhile experience.

This track and ‘Change My Mind’ were written by John Beavis and are given thoughtful treatment by Mick and his backing musicians.

‘Free at Last’ is an interesting song with a sensitive didgeridoo backing by Steve Davies.

This soft didgeridoo backing is also an important part of ‘Change My Mind’.

Mick O’Connor, piano, and Tony Buchanan, saxophone, provide a terrific backing for ‘What If You Lost Her’.

This is a great song and would be most enjoyable on a quiet evening with a drink in hand.

‘I Have No Song’ is one Mick co-wrote with Broderick Smith.

The lyrics are enhanced by Tony Buchanan’s flute backing.

It is a shame it is the only self composed track on the CD.

‘Ballad of 1891’ is one of my favorite tracks and is about the shearer’s strike of that year.

The same event prompted Banjo Paterson to write ‘Waltzing Matilda’!

The CD also includes ‘C’est La Vie’ and Shane Howard’s ‘For The Love Of Music’.

The final track is an interesting version of the classic ‘Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square’.

This is a mellow CD with an easy to listen to sound.

Mick is an experienced performer with the ability to create the exact sound he wants using his own resources and it shows on this recording.

It is one I can recommend.

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