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Mike Levy and Greg Barnett met by chance several years ago and their musical styles meshed. NOT ALL IT SEEMS is a CD of 12 original songs released in 2002. The overall musical style is a Celtic (we are both English born and influenced by folk in the 60’s) version of Simon and Garfunkel (except that we BOTH play guitar) meet Leonard Cohen (on a good day) at James Taylor’s place (except Carly Simon isn’t home) and listen to the Beatles (praise be the Lords of Liverpool). The emphasis is on melody, intelligent lyrics, harmony and acoustic guitars. Mike & Greg – Not All It Seems ** WINNER: 2002 SUNNIE AWARD “BEST ALBUM – ADULT CONTEMPORARY” (Queensland Recording Association) ** RUNNER-UP: Best Folk Song Category 2002 MUSICOZ Song Competition (Track 5) ** FINALIST: UNISONG 2003 Intermational Song Competition (Tracks 4 and 12) Also available all the music and lyrics to the CD in a separate songbook. TN231 $35

“I was attracted to this disc even before I pressed the play button on my slightly elderly Sanyo. From attractive graphic design to comprehensive background notes and from the complete reproduction of lyrics to full credits and project rationale, Mike Levy and Greg Barnett have provided us all with a benchmark for the visual presentation of CDs. These are not just cosmetic considerations but an approach that draws the listener into their world and makes us, as far as is possible, feel what they felt in creating these songs. The pieces on this recording are the product experiences and imagination of the two principles and as such are lyrically real and accessible to the listener. Again they provide an invitation rather simply entertainment. The lyrics are both thoughtful and artful in their imagery but throughout the disc lack passion. I wonder if Mike or Greg ever get mad or sad. On hearing the opening track “Fields and Sunny Skies” I thought, “here are two voices meant to be heard together” but unfortunately there was little duet singing on the remainder of the disc. The guitar arrangements for the songs were strong and supportive of the melodies and Lie instrumental breaks were inventive. I did think the whole feel of the recording was “cruisey” and the melodies tended to be similar one to the next. Speaking of which I couldn’t work out why a passage of lyrics in a song credited to Mike would reappear in a later song written by Greg. Having said that I hope these two continue to make music together as the strength of this collaboration is apparent in imagery of the lyrics within Mike and Greg’s chosen context and the accomplished guitar accompaniments. Stand out tracks for me? -Home is Where the Heart is” and “Seasons”” Review by John Munro.

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