Nerds & Music – Courage in the Face of Absurdity


Courage in the Face of Absurdity is the second album by Nerds & Music. The Nerds have broadened their horizons, taking aim at lawyers, bankers, the Murray Darling river system, and milk crates on the back of bicycles.
It was recorded by the brilliant Robbie Long, who also plays drums and guitar on some tracks.
Track listing 1. Disclaimer 2. The Mumbler 3. Milk Crate 4. Dubai 5. Random Phrases 6. The Rut 7. Bugger Bum 8. Vignettes 9. The Whale Song 10. Murray Darling 11. Without Your Trousers On 12. You can say that again 13. Woe Betide 14. Take Me Now

Nerds & Music – Courage in the Face of absurdity
CD Review by P.J.Whyte

This is a comedy album by a pair of clever players.
Tracks like “Disclaimer” and “Milk Crate” are just a sample of the humorous modern Aussie story telling within this album.
Subjects we all encounter at some time in our lives are sung about by a pair of clever, larrikin, Aussie musos.
They even have something to say about Dubai.
This is a clever album and I presume seeing the boys in concert would be a treat.
The recording is a gem and this album would be a true comedic discovery for you as it was for me.
In addition, as mentioned, the boys play beautifully and indeed their harmonies are clever and well placed.
Robbie Long has done an impressive job of recording this album and has contributed generous talent in playing as well.
Well worth contacting I reckon, if you have a similarly located recording project in the pipeline.
My tired old eyes struggled to read the fine printed lyrics supplied with the sleeve but I managed to sing along with classics like “The Whale Song” and “Take Me Now”.
Buy this CD and be rewarded with a comedy classic, performed by some impressive musos from Newcastle way with plenty to say, in a funny clever musical way, about today.

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