Nick Charles – Return of the Travelling Fingerpicker


CD review by Peter J Whyte

Bunged this CD in the player, not sure what to expect as I am not a fan at this moment because I have not had the pleasure of listening until now, but then came the first song, indeed the title song, penned by Nick, is beautiful, the picking, the melody, the production, all sensational.

I am hard to please when it comes to pickers, but this album by this virtuoso is brilliant and is a must for purists of fine guitar playing and composing.

Nick is a soloist and this is the way he presents a selection of his own compositions and some covers for your enjoyment.

I struggled to pick my favourite between “George Town Revisited” and “Lullaby for Hamish”, which are my kind of playing, melodic, then I was hit with “Pauls Song”. I gave up trying to pick a favourite, I just pressed replay on all of the ones I liked.

Nick’s cover and presentation on this CD was eye catching and beautifully done by Mark Jones. Nick’s rags, “December Rag” and “Silent Movie”, according to Nick, “reflect his ongoing love of that style of music”, and it shows. You can even hear his appreciation of his own compositions.

Nick shines throughout this album and so does his instruments, which include six, twelve and dobro guitars.

As a guitarist myself, I would love to know the brands and models, they sounded superb. I am now a fan of Nick Charles and understand his huge following. Buy this CD yourselves and appreciate the craftsmanship from all involved in producing this fine album.

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