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“My appreciation of Nick Charles’ musicianship goes back to his first of three duo recordings with Melbourne blues man Alex Bums in 1992 (The Road more travelled). This is now Nick’s third solo album, after Grace Notes (2000) and My Place (2002). It contains 12 tracks of beautifully played and recorded solo fingerpicking steel guitar music, ten of which are Nick’s own compositions. There are no tricks needed here, no multi-tracking, no
special effects or added musicians are used. The fine musical quality of Nick’s playing, his rather understated style without flashy runs and the so obvious crowd pleasers, and his mature feeling for the music and the instrument are
coming well to the fore here.The music is overall of a gentle and sensitive nature, but played with a technique so easy on the ear, that it almost hides the masterful technique necessary to make it sound that way The opening track Ship to Shore and Breakfast at Winfield
are two tunes which are especially easy to listen to, they have a wonderful lilting and rolling feel to them, whereas Anywhere With You is much more lyrical and expressive. The Beatles tune Norwegian Woods is arranged and played with a joyous feeling and provides a welcome change in rhythmic feeling from the other tunes, and the long title track Travelling Fingerpicker gives Nick the chance to let loose with some more furious and fast playing. The album demonstrates the ongoing development of a fine musician and would be a perfect compliment to sitting on the veranda on a warm autumn afternoon, relaxing with a glass of good wine, and letting the beautiful music wash over you.” Review by Dieter Bajzek.

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