Paul Robert Burton – Invocation


Paul Robert Burton’s Band of Gypsys – Invocation
CD review by Chris Spencer

My knowledge of Paul Robert Burton is as a double bass musician, playing in rock and rockabilly bands such as the Headhunters and the Milky Bar Kids.
This album is certainly light years away from that career.
I was not aware that he had also released a solo album in the past few years.
In fact, at least one of the tracks off this album, “Celtic Theme” is also on this album.
This is a live performance but one would hardly know, as the audience applause only intrudes once or twice, and then I think it’s just to remind you that the music is live and not recorded in a studio – such is the quality of the recording – done over 3 performances.
The first track, “Celtic Theme”, has washes of waves underpinning the flute playing of Wu Pu-Yu and is reminiscent of the work of Enya.
The harmonica playing by Christian Marsh is especially evocative.
This song seamlessly meshes with track 2, “Chitlins Con Carne” the Kenny Burrell song more associated with blues bands.
Each member of the band has a chance to shine, including Indonesian born Rendra Freestone percussionist.
“Patience” is an opportunity for acoustic guitarist Andrew Toner to show his wares on another instrumental that has flashes of Brazilian rhythms and Spanish flamenco touches.
Burton gets to play his own solo on double bass on this track.
I liked the inclusion of a couple of tunes that I recognised, such as “Anniversary Waltz” and “Minor Swing” written by Reinhardt.
“ACME Bossanova” features some xylophone playing, giving this song a jazzy feel.
“Celtic Theme 3” maintains the atmosphere of track one, but in contrast is “Jaguar” that has a driving drum beat and is very upbeat.
“Minor Swing” continues the fast pace, while “Elizabeth Cassidy” has a voice sounding like an Arabian instrument!
If the name of Burton’s band suggests to you music of Eastern Europe, Bulgarian or Romanian origin, you might be disappointed in the genres recorded on this album.
As a note on the CD cover, in small writing relates, this is a predominantly instrumental CD.
However I enjoyed this CD and can recommend it to those of you who like a bit of variation in your listening tastes.

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