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Hailing from Queensland, fingerstyle guitarist Peter Miller plays a mix of solo and layered guitar pieces in various tunings and styles.


I believe music whether it has lyrics or not should be able to tell a story. To take the listener on a journey is such a privilege. I’ve had people come up after a show and say that’s just what I needed. Quite often live I like to play something new on the spot, it all adds so much to the performance.”


Peter has shared the stage with the likes of legendry Irish songwriter John Spillane who said of him:

“Peter Miller weaves a magic spell, do not listen too closely, cos you might get drawn in, and you might get taken away, and you might forget who you are”


He has also performed alongside the guitarist’s guitarist Gerry O’Beirne, and slide player Clive Barnes during one of his tours of Ireland.

The Sept/October Ireland tour was a great trip, I played in small local pubs all the way up to Arts Centres and Cathedrals, Gee, I covered some ground in that little country, It’s an incredibly musical country…”


He has played with Australian guitar great Marcus Sturrock, Nigel Lever & Quentin Fraser at the guitar wizards show at Illawarra folk festival.

His music has appeared on Compilation CDs worldwide and in the Australian surf movie Unify and received a two page write up in Italian music magazine ‘New age and New sounds’. He has been asked to support the great Pierre Bensusan on his Gold Coast show on April 3rd 2009


Supporting Pierre Bensusan will be amazing. He’s one of my favorite players and one of the greats, It’s an honour to get such a gig that’s for sure… I also keep myself busy pitching to Film and Television when I’m not touring, being instrumental music it lends itself quite well to documentaries etc. My album From A Distant Shore has been out a while now. It was recorded in my home studio with some additional mastering by Michael Fix on a few tracks. It’s good to have some ‘other’ ears than your own having a listen. I’ll hopefully have anew CD out late 09


“Peter Miller’s music paints pictures in the air of the wonders of our planet,
the joy of life and the emotions most of us find hard to describe.”
Charlie McGettigan.


distinctive fingerstylist, unique compositions
Michael Fix.

poetic escapades which come straight from the heart…”
Henk te Veldhuis
Bridge Guitar Reviews © 2007

“beautiful guitar style”
Gerry O’Beirne.

“Peter’s use of space and gentle inner momentum gives his mastery warmth and soul…”
Bradfield Dumpleton © 2007

“Peter’s Music has a freshness that allows the listener to reflect upon the pictures created by the instruments..”
Jim Low- Folk Australia © 2007

Peter Miller – From a Distant Shore
by Chris Spencer

Miller is an acoustic guitar player – and plays by himself most of the time!
Most of the songs are delicate, reflecting his interest in environmental settings viz some of the titles: “Twilight”, “The Wanderer’s Theme”, “Reflections”, “Somewhere in the Hills”, “Chase the Wind”, “Bird Song” and “Morning Dew”.
For each of the 17 tracks, Miller provides a bit of background, indicating either some history about each – some were composed a decade ago, or some of the techniques he employs to get the different sounds.
For example, he says that “Hand Dancing” is built on a mixolydian mode.
If that means anything to guitarists out there, perhaps you need to have a listen.
He also is not afraid to identify his influences such as Michael Hedges.
Another guitarist, Michael Fix is credited with mixing the album.
Most of the tracks utilise an acoustic guitar, although several such as “Interlude” and “Chase the Wind” feature electric; “Somewhere in the Hills” features both!
Only two guests assist, Josh Wren on electric guitar and Mark Watego on didgeridoo on “Chase the Wind” where Miller says he was trying to create a soundscape.
There are also recorded sounds of rain and thunder added to the same song.
This CD is of interest to you who love their acoustic guitar playing, or those of you who like ambient, atmospheric music.
It could also be of interest to those shops that like to have background music to titillate aural listening amid the smell of burning incense and other aromatic odours.

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