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CD Review by Greg Barnett

The CD artwork makes no bones about this ‘reality project’ being “unplugged, undressed and unmastered”.

This is a praiseworthy goal, not to be underestimated in its scope.

However, with the tsunamis of new music crushing us and competing with decades of existing quality classics and yet-to-be-heard material, one would need to be an extra-specially talented singer/player, or have some unique ‘edge’, to warrant your attention.

All the tracks here have the same vocalist, the same vocal style/timbre, and a single guitar.

The artist, N.Rich.M, can handle his guitar well, and his vocals work well within a particular range.

The melodies and lyrics occasionally shine.

The album would have worked better by culling six of the weaker songs, focusing on core musical strengths, providing some light and shade, and adding occasional instruments/harmonies to leaven the production.

If you like the thought of inviting an average folk club member into your house to give you an hour’s concert of original songs, this album will do the job.

16 tracks and 62.58 playing time.  Jewel case. No booklet. Back cover with songs and credits.

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