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“Light” was recorded “Live” in the Blue Mountains & produced by Pat Drummond’s Shoestring Records and is a refreshing modern approach to the Bush Poetry genre. 9 original comedy poems including the Tamworth 2011 “Golden Damper” Award winning poem “Barangaroo & the Pontiff too!” these poems will bring tears to your eyes as you laugh along with the studio audience. Topics as diverse as the Pontiffs visit in 2008, gender swapping with the wife, misbehaving canines, battling “Barbie” dolls, old age, collecting ‘freebies’, mixed up pizza deliveries and the annual ‘check-up’ all come under fire as “The Rhymer” revs up the action.


CD Review of “Light” (by Graham Blackley):  On his latest CD of comedy poems Graeme Johnson weaves playful humour through his creative tales while traversing a plethora of memorable topics. He introduces us to confused ute lovers, mingling with a flock of catholic pilgrims (Barangaroo & The Pontiff Too), exposes us to the joys of domestic drudgery (Roll Reversal) and recounts the escapades of a busking barking puppy with a penchant for nicking lingerie (Bob the Beagle). Johnson lampoons social divisions (Barbie Town), explores Old Fred’s messy and disastrous nocturnal wanderings (The Miracle), and warns of the self-destructive lure of ‘freebies’ (If it’s Free I Want It). The funniest moments arise when Johnson conjures the palate busting horror of a mutant pizza (Half & Half), and provides an insight into the incurable disease known as Bush Poetry (Hey Doc). The light hearted tone, cheeky content and warm and appreciative audience response ensure that “Light” is an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

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