Sameera – Breathe


CD REVIEW – by Chris Spencer

Sameera is the recording name for Sameera Bashir, who sings and plays 6 and 12 string guitar.
On Breathe she has produced a relaxing, smooth album of countryish ballads, although descriptions on the net suggest she is rocky and rootsy.

I think her country influences are stronger than any other genre, and she could easily fit into the country scene with this album.Sameera chose Grant Luhrs to produce the album, so we should expect his experiences and influences to reflect his background with the use of dobro on a couple of songs.

That’s not to say, there’s nothing here for folkies!
The album opens with the title track, with a big brassy opening. There are whisperings of the word “breathe” in the background, that while initially annoying, might be useful for getting audience participation similar to what One Night Jam did with a song of theirs called “German Intern”.

I enjoyed the guitar solos provided by Colin Anderson on the first three songs, albeit all too brief.

His playing is a bit jazzy at times, but it only adds to the album’s interest!
It would be interesting to see how Sameera would perform these songs live, as every track but one has the backing of a full band.

Only “Who Knows” has very sparse instrumentation and I’m sure that if Sameera chose to, she could probably do a whole set unaccompanied. She has a pleasant voice, at times exhibiting a trembling tone similar to that of Kasey Chambers or Tiffany Eckhardt.
“Hit the Road” and “New Star” could easily fit onto any contemporary country album: the former song features the piano playing of Pete Tiller.

“What’s Your Scene”, is probably the strongest song on the album, and has the clarinet playing of Joe Romeo.

“Dear You” is also captivating, a cruisey, laconic ballad.
“Deep Sea Diving” is a slower ballad, with an atmospheric backdrop, perhaps to represent being under water?

If this is Sameera’s first time in the recording studio, she should be pleased with her efforts.
She has produced a relaxing, laidback enjoyable album.

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