Selalu – When the World was Young


This is Selalu’s debut album of 14 original songs; a musical journey of songs that are strong and moving. Acoustic guitars, bass, mandolin, violin and great harmonies produce the Selalu sound.

CD REVIEW – by Chris Spencer

The first thing that struck me when listening to the album for the first time is the similarity Trevor Swadling’s voice has to that of Gene Pitney.

There’s a kind of vibrato in his voice that had me listening a little bit closer than I usually would.

I noted on the liner notes, a message: “[this album] is a little musical journey that we hope will bring pleasure to your journey through life”.

I found the overall sound intense, emotional and demanding.
Not necessarily pleasurable: interesting and engaging yes. Some upbeat tunes with some drums and rhythms might have had the impetus to be more enjoyable.

This album is one that demands attention and repeated listening.   Selalu is a trio, with Trevor’s wife, Kathleen Swadling on mandolin, guitar and vocals and Tully Dingle on bass, guitar, drums and vocals.

I felt that Kathleen should take lead vocals on more songs to provide contrast and variety, rather than just being a backing vocalist most of the time. The lead singer, Trevor Swadling recorded his first album in 1983.

One wonders what Trevor has been doing for the past 25 years!
Unfortunately looking on the band’s website, does not reveal nor inform any information about the members of the band and their previous musical history.
One wonders why they have a tab called Bios?

However a google search for Trevor Swadling reveals he has released 8 albums of his own music and a visit to a related website, show the husband and wife team have recorded a live album as The Swadlings.

Three of the songs on this album also appear on that live album.
Trevor Swadling reveals some of his heritage on “Don’t Give a Damn”, singing about being a country singer in a previous incarnation.

“Paradise Bound” is a relief from the previous 8 tracks, the rhythm is speeded up; it’s not so maudlin as the other tracks, as the use of mandolin and harmony vocals of both Swadlings help distinguish the track from the rest of the album.

“The Reason” is a mild upbeat ballad, on “Hillbilly Tune”, the trio begin to get excited; “The River” is a pretty tune with an appropriate mandolin arrangement.

While most songs are love songs, I have noted the stand out tracks as “The River”; “Paradise Bound” and “The Reason” and enjoyed the violin playing of Tony Pyrzakowski on “Walk You Home”.

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