Shoalhaven Rise – Black Sun


CD review by Chris Spencer
This is a recording of a shakuhachi or bamboo flute player, (Lee), a percussionist (Askill) and a multiinstrumentalist, (Atherton).
A short review would be new age background music, a longer review would suggest some interesting atmospheric pieces – neither my cup of tea.
It also must be noted that this was first released in 1995 on a German label, Black Sun. “Looking south” begins with a plaintive flute, later joined by a rhythmic guitar and finally a bass.
The title track features the acoustic guitar and reminds me of a some gentle waves washing against a beach in paradise; “Metamorphic” features didgeridoo and percussion; “Summer Rain” the xylophone, while “Flame Tree” has a booming bass drum underpinning some flute playing.
The painter, Arthur Boyd, is credited with some vocals and ‘playing’ the waterphone on the last track, “Voices & Rituals” which owes more to experimental music and avante garde ideas than anything else.
I doubt traditional folk music fans will find much to enjoy on this recording. However if you are after a recording of relaxing music that hasn’t dated since it was first released, you might find this CD of interest.

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