Simon Nield – Resonance


A Beautiful acoustic guitar album, ranging from flowing lyrical tunes, to complex poly rhythms.
CD Review of Simon Nield ‘Resonance

By John Williams


Simon Nield hails from Western Australia and is one of the country’s top guitarists.  This beautiful instrumental album shows why.  Simon performed at last year’s National Folk Festival and has been a stalwart of many WA festivals over the past few years.  His musical involvement includes performing and teaching and he has conducted many workshops at these festivals.  He has been a past winner of the National Songwriting Competition (Instrumental) and has been involved with directing and performing with many choirs over the years.

On this CD Simon wrote eighteen of the tracks and they are all well worth a listen.  They would make a superb background to an intimate dinner or a night by the fireside reading your favorite book.

I gained a whole new appreciation of the classic ‘What a Wonderful World’ through listening to Simon’s version. This is a truly beautiful instrumental track and worth purchasing the CD just to listen to it. The other imported tune ‘Sons de Carilhoes’ is also worth a listen.

I  liked the faster paced ‘Shake a Leg’ a lot but Simon’s quieter tunes are what makes this CD special. ‘What Goes Round’, ‘Evolute’, ‘Ocean Road’, ‘Kim’s Kitchen’ and ‘Adrift’ are fine examples of what I’m talking about.  They are all special tracks.  There is one vocal track ‘Skating Away’ and in this Simon shows he has a voice to fit his guitar work.  It whets your appetite to hear more down the track.

Simon is a master of his instrument and the quality shows throughout the CD.  It is an hour of beautiful music and a CD that I will play over and over for many years to come.

I enjoyed all the tracks and can recommend the CD very highly.

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