Steve Bevis – Hold Up the Sky


Guitar splashed rock, acoustic future folk, shiny world pop, earthy gospel rooted in the politics of the struggle for a just world, and easy spoken word – each find a room in the musical mansion currently being occupied by Steve Bevis. This DIY labour of love – with the usual help from good friends who stay over for a night or two in the mansion – is not a secret to be boarded up. It’s a halfway house open to all who are seeking out the sounds of hope to be found in music. In fact, several CD’s, and 100’s of emotionally charged gigs later (with the always welcome relief of Steve’s now classic singalong ATM, and a belly laugh from the Great Australian Songbook blowing through the gig like a cool breeze through the room on a hot day…), this perpetual singer/songwriter is finally mutating into something that looks like a band. Which is probably the way it should be for a style of music which is, according to Steve, all about life together: it’s giddy, satisfying highs.

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