StringyBach – Bach in the Bight


To describe StringyBach as a mandolin and guitar quartet could indicate that the group’s repertoire is predominantly classical. It can be be, if this is your choice. However, StringyBach is equally at home with music from the renaissance through to the Baroque, Romantic, jazz, Latin, ragtime and the modern era, including the Beatles.

The instrumental line-up includes acoustic guitars (steel string and classical), mandolins, bouzouki and acoustic bass. And because we care enough about the listening comfort of our clients, we don’t dominate the scene through over-amplification. While we play you can still maintain a conversation.

Put us in the background, or up front as part of your celebrations, depending on the occasion. And yes, we do play music for dancing, with a repertoire of swing music, strict tempo and folk melodies to fit the setting.

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