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Tripple Effect – Ripple Effects

CD review by Tony Smith

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This 2022 CD of some 13 tracks shows that Tripple Effect are a band with a social conscience.

Some of these songs are critical of threats to the environment from tree removal and coal mining and others of threats to humanity from racism and war.

It comes as no surprise that John Sutton’s song about the Uluru Statement, ‘Straight from the Heart’ won the 2020 Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund’s songs for social justice competition.

Lynden, Len, Carrie and John share the songwriting credits and the vocals.

Len McCarthy (guitar, ukulele, bodhran), Lynden Jacobi (ukulele, recorder), Carrie Jacobi (guitar, bass, mandolin), Bill Jacobi (bass, guitar), Stu Harcourt (didgeridoo), Thomas Mayor (voice), Gleny Rae (violin, mandolin) and Michael Hawke (harmonica, recorder) are the musicians.

There is a complete lyrics pamphlet and sleeve notes explain the mood of each song.

‘Merry-Go-Round in the Sea’ resulted because an elder told Lynden how all our choices change who we are.

For ‘Dancing in the Darkness’, whales reminded Len that all life came from the depths into light.

Carrie’s ‘Chainsaw Rippin’ Blues’ arose from Newcastle Council’s destruction of an avenue of fig trees.

‘Time Is A River’ was inspired by a child’s comment on the way to a funeral.

John’s ‘Murray’s Lament’ is a cry from the heart of the river which was a bread basket but is now a basket case.

Len’s ‘Shepherd of Souls’ muses about notions of love.

Lynden’s ‘The Miracle of Being Alive’ is a celebration and a reminder to enjoy life.

Carrie’s ‘Footprints’ concerns a relationship breakdown.

Len’s ‘Down by the Pond’ is an adult version of the princess kissing the frog.

In ‘She’s Seen It Before’, Lynden reminds us of the struggles of people suffering mental health issues.

Len’s ‘They Are the Soldiers’ describes how violence breeds more.

John’s ‘Your Dirty Black Coal’ is a timely song about climate change, emphasising the way greed and lies endanger life on this planet.

In the bonus track, Thomas Mayor reads the Uluru Statement from the Heart, completing the cycle.

It is good to see that the band acknowledges traditional custodians and as with any CD, they thank many unheard supporters.

It is worth especially mentioning the mastering skills of Andy Busuttil and Lynden’s cover design.

All Australians of good will should hope that the band’s aim of creating ‘Ripple Effects’ succeeds and that we deal more successfully with threats to our future.

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