Unsung Heroes of Australian History


Hi everyone I have been working with three other songwriters over the last year or two on a project called Unsung Heroes of Australian History. We have performed at the National Folk Festival the Darebin Music Feast and several other venues. It is a celebration of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. We have just released a CD of the show. It is beautiful to look at and to listen to. If you haven’t seen the show (even if you have) look at our brand new showcase video. It’s a beauty. I have been seriously honing my video editing skills over the last year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9332PQ4eKbQ … it just may bring a tingle of a tear to your eye! Unsung Heroes of Australian History: We ask the big questions: Who shot Ben Hall? What was the Eureka flag made of and by whom? What was Henry Lawson’s mum like? How old was the youngest Australian soldier to die in action? Who had a rat and a glacier named after him? What can you do with old leather belts and felt hats? What does the Franklin River flowing have to do with Russians invading Lithuania? Why did the Yanks ban Vegemite? Get the CD and find out the answers! Best wishes Bruce — www.brucewatsonmusic.com Videos: www.youtube.com/brucewatsonmusic

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