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CD review by Tony Smith

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The sleeve notes for ‘another way’ give the lyrics for the songs and some pictures of the musicians, but not much other information.

Sereno plays guitar and sings and is supported by Byron Mark on percussion and keys.

The album was recorded and mastered at Damien Gerard Studios.

The colourful appearance of the album and sleeve notes are due to Carlo Ilagan, Nikola Ruttkay and Ann Menezies.

Sereno dedicates the album to his grandparents.

The 12 tracks are ‘You’, ‘Just come here’, ‘Nothing against the game’, ‘I am here’, ‘Another way’, ‘Kat’, ‘No not again’, ‘You and me’, ‘Irish eyes’, ‘8 days’, ‘Before you leave’ and ‘On the third week’.

While Sereno takes trouble to ensure that the songs display some varied beginnings, mostly he conveys the lyrics in a gentle style with no drama.

He does not really seek for a way to keep the listener interested.

The tracks are pleasant sounding but not very surprising.

As might be expected from the titles of the songs, they all concern relationships and their ups and downs.

At a pinch, fans of the blues might find that Sereno’s pleasant voice and arrangements could escape the ‘pop’ stereotype’ and fit into familiar blues patterns.

Since this album, van sereno (v c ilagan) seems to have reinvented himself as a successful children’s entertainer.

In this enterprise he has obviously used the songwriting experience gained in ‘another way’ to create many original songs for children and their special occasions and interests.

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