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Originally recorded in Sydney with Penny Davis and Roger Illot, at their home studio in Balmain, and released on vinyl. We had to stop recording when planes flew over head, but that was part of the deal and accepted, so I finally got started. The album was well received and all of a sudden I was in demand for gigs. Now gigs in those days were few and far between. So I’m talking once a month! But like everything a small beginning eventually grows. The album was re-mastered and released on CD in 1999.
1. Down, Down To The Ocean Blue (Vince Brophy) 5.23 2. Pig And Whistle Roll (Vince Brophy) 4.04 3. Ballad Of The Karingal (Vince Brophy) 3.38 4. Baywhalers Of Twofold Bay (Vince Brophy) 4.05 5. James Craig/Sailor’s Hornpipe (Vince Brophy) 2.54 6. Murray Paddle Boat (Vince Brophy) 4.49 7. Hi, Hi The Little Boat Rides (Vince Brophy) 3.31 8. Tug Boats (Vince Brophy) 5.07 9. Murray River Queen (Vince Brophy) 2.44 10. Down To The Sea In Boats (Vince Brophy) 2.54 Vincent P Brophy – Down To The Sea In Ships by Ian Dearden Recorded an entire generation ago (1984 & 1986 to be precise) by Roger Ilott and Penny Davies when they still lived in Balmain (before moving to the delights of rural Queensland), this is a re-issue of an iconic slice of folk music history. Although Vincent P Brophy was born in Dublin and there are reminders of that celtic heritage in the musical arrangements, in particular, this is an unabashed homage to ships of Australia. The album, which sounds (convincingly) in the tradition, contains ten Brophy originals, ranging from the Clannadchannelling Down, Down to the Ocean Blue (a paean to the blue lagoon of Port Kembla, killed by industrial waste), through homages to the NSW coastal steamer trade (Pig & Whistle Roll), Sydney ferries (The Ballad of the KooringalI), Port Kembla tugs (Tug Boats), small boat whalers (Bay Whalers of Twofold Bay), a bygone era on the Murray River (Murray Paddle Boat, Murray River Queen),and the never-ending lure of the sea (Down To The Sea In Boats). The backing musicians are excellent, the arrangements thoughtful and ear-catching. The Ilott/Davies engineering and production team captures the performances beautifully and throughout the whole album, Brophy sounds (and sings) like a man with saltwater (and freshwater – some of these songs take us to inland waters) in his veins. In short, it is an album which has stood the test of time and captures the essence of that seductive relationship between the human race, boats, and the seas. You can fi nd out more about Vince Brophy (as he’s now known) at his website http://www.vincebrophy. com. He’s released another fi ve albums since Down To The Sea In Ships fi rst came out on vinyl in 1986 and he’s still writing, recording, performing and workshopping, a testament to his staying power in the fi ckle world of the music industry! Lets hope he keeps it up.

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