Vince Brophy – Stronger Than You Know


CD review by Don Bannister
The Cover / Holder
The Front Cover of Brophy’s album is excellent. His name stands out and the title is obvious (sometimes its hard to tell what the artists name is and what the album’s name is) and in between there is a collage of photos and objects that gives the viewer an insight into the artist and creates a more personal connection. The Back Cover.
All songs are numbered, timed and in an easily read font and for airplay, these are essential. It also includes Brophy’s mobile, email address and website, which is excellent for self marketing, CD sales and Gigs. The Artist;
Brophy is already an established artist on the Australian folk scene and if the Irish passport is anything to go by, he’s possibly just as well known in the Irish music scene as well. I think Brophy holds his own with the best of them, both as a singer and with his strong guitar picking musicianship. Brophy has no facades or ego and is very approachable and this is reflected within his music. The Songs;
there are 14 songs on the album and only one exceeds 4.14 minutes with an average time of 3.5 minutes long, which is excellent for airplay, well as far as I’m concerned anyway. I love his arrangement of “Star of the County Down” particularly, probably because it has a wonderful chorus, as well as just a beautiful song. All the songs are beautiful but they have to grow on you. General comments
In a true folk tradition, Brophy has passed the stories of those gone before him, his experiences and those of others. Vince is an excellent singer, songwriter and guitarist. This album is well worth adding to your music collection.

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