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Released in April 2007, the second cd from this Sydney band contains some absolute gems. These are highly skilled musicians playing Antipodean inversions of Celtic and country music. Warm, lively and family friendly. Chris Wheeler – vox, whistle, Ged Corben – guitar, mandolin, Mike Kerin – fiddle, guitar, mandolin, vox, Michael Vidale – bass, plus guests Luke Robinson – percussion, Tinker Hungerford – accordion and Iain McLeod – accordion.

CD REVIEW – By Geoff Green,

I’m probably the only non-Australian who thinks that most of the best music of the last decade has come out of Australia, and that’s probably because most of the rest of the world isn’t listening.
This album is another example of why they should be.
Blending music from across the ages and from diverse origins such as Dylan through to Alex Legg, Julian Lennon, and the poetry of Henry Lawson, this album works.
Only good musicians can emulate then add their own interpretations, and there are some fine ones here.

Pentangle’s gentility sits comfortably alongside the haunting June Tabor, the gentler side of Bill Monroe, and Whippersnapper’s Rheinhardt-Grapelli inspired syncopation.

Skilful acoustic instrumental delivery from some of Australia’s top ranked players supports the voice of Chris Wheeler, a voice that matches the warmth and clarity of your end of day malt. That’s how I recommend listening to this work, malt in hand, feet up, a ‘Don’t Disturb’ sign on the door of wherever you take your intravenous music, read the bank statement with its two dollar forty error then throw it on the floor.
It’s not important.

Music like this is.

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