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The Wheeze & Suck Band live in and around Sydney, Australia, yet their music is firmly in the tradition of the great UK folk rock bands such as Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span.

The Wheezers offer roots music’s equivalent to a Music Hall review; each performer delivers a unique individuality within a seamless band performance. To this band, there is a joy in making an intimate connection with every audience.

Experiencing a ‘Wheezers’ show, you understand this immediately. The W&S line up delivers exquisite harmonies doubling as individual lead vocalists; instruments include acoustic and electric guitars, cello mandolin, squeezebox and percussion. The material includes terrific tunes, great award-winning sing-along original and traditional songs, a touch of music hall, underpinned by plenty of self-effacing humour.

Antique military costumes and top hats give them a colourful, distinctive on-stage presence, which over the years has inspired a minor revolution in many bands’ approach to on-stage presentation.

The Band is a regular feature at festivals, large and small across Australia and New Zealand; boasting three appearances at consecutive Woodford Festivals; regular appearances at both the National and Illawarra Folk Festivals since 1998 and a very successful inaugural appearance at Port Fairy Festival in 2010. In 2009 the Wheezers undertook a 2 week tour of New Zealand including SRO performances at the Auckland Folk Festival and a special appearance at the World famous Festival of Lights in New Plymouth. We also headlined at the Wellington Folk Festival in 2012. We have played at every St Albans (NSW) festival since 1998.

“Flash Lads” is the Wheezer’s most exciting and accomplished album to date. Step inside, take a seat and enjoy the show. Worth the price for the package alone! ”

The Wheeze and Suck Band – Flash Lads
Review by Folk Presenter Jane Harding,
2WCR FM, Coonabarabran

Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen, the Sydney based Wheeze and Suck Band have primed the firing pan, lit the blue touch paper and launched their new CD Flash Lads with an almighty bang!
This recording is full of joie de vivre, delivered in true folk rock style, featuring songs you can dance to and dances you can sing – what more could you ask for?
All the old Wheezers magic is there, plus some new tricks that will delight the ear and tickle the toes.
The opening track “TNT” commences with a rocket launch countdown to some explosive tunes from Tony (Pyro) Pyrzakowski – perhaps he really did do a deal with the Devil to get his shiny new five string fiddle!
He’s certainly appears to have been taking some supernatural instruction on the application of electronic effects to the band’s material – with stunning results!
The album also features a mixture of traditional English ballads and original songs from both Ian (The Pump) Macintosh and Nigel (Muddy) Walters.
Ian and Nigel share the lead vocals, with Ian’s in-your-face delivery and raw energy driving songs like “Down Workers Down” and “The Flash Lad”.
He also does a creditable impersonation of George Formby (if you can imagine George in a frock with a melodeon instead of ukulele!) on “The Day the Virgin Mary Came to Coogee”.
Nigel strikes a gentler and more reflective tone in ballads such as “William Walker” and the beautifully delivered “Cornish Leaving Song”.
The cover of Richard Thompson’s “Ditching Boy” is a great audience charmer and is well worth a listen.
One of the delights of these songs is the lavish use of four-part harmony in the arrangements.
These guys can really sing and they do so with great gusto and enthusiasm.
The exuberance of this CD is firmly underpinned by Geoff (One Shot) Woodhead on guitar and John (Red Tips) Milce on drums, ensuring the musical mayhem never gets out of control.
It makes great interactive listening on the home stereo or at a live performance – I had the great pleasure of attending the Flash Lads CD launch at the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival and it was just magic, one of the highlights of the Festival.
Buy it, it’ll have you singing, dancing and, above all, smiling!

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