Wongawilli – Australian Traditional Dance Tunes Vol 1 – 2CDs


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85 Tunes arranged in 23 sets for bush dances. Double CD includes bonus CD rom for Mac and PC.

Review in Bush Music Club’s Mulga Wire # 148, By Bob Bolton

After all those CDs of mostly songs, Wongawilli has decided to firmly don their dance hats and record an album of dance sets ? something they do rather well. Not satisfied with 23 sets of tunes (2 hours worth) to suit popular dances of the 19th and early 20th century in Australia, they have augmented the first CD of the set with a substantial extract of their web site, with information about the Wongawilli Dancers and Band as well as the history, customs, music, instruments of bush dancing.

The tunes are mostly collected from traditional musicians and serve as an antidote to the shameless pilfering from Irish and Scottish fake books that drives so many so-called bush bands. This makes these CDs of real value to any dancers and musicians who want genuine Australian music for real Australian dances.

The CD rom has sheet music for 41 traditional bush tunes (mostly from the Carrawobbity book/CD Australian Dance Tunes) and dance instructions for 27 of the 33 dances on the CD (all of which can be danced to some set on the CD) and instructions for another 14 (which probably fit some set on the CD as well). There is a selection of information, articles, references, contacts and links.


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