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CD REVIEW – by Don Bannister
The Front Cover of Leonard’s
album sets the scene and
atmosphere of and for the
It is a very cruisy dance tropical
cover and this is refl ected in the
The Back Cover.
Unfortunately the tracks are not
numbered but they are timed and
easy to read and there are 16 tracks
in total.
It also shows the instruments
used by Leonard and accompanying
musicians as well as those involved in
production and a website.
The Inside Cover has a photo
and that’s it but this might be due to
fi nancial constraints so it’s not really
important though hopefully there will
be more in future recordings.
The album starts of with the escape
song “Away from it all” which gives
the listener a chance to temporarily
escape the daily grind and stress of
life and the promise of something
“Dance for Jake” is an instrumental
boppy little dance tune followed
by “Meet me in Hawaii” invites the
listener to the holiday feel.
“Makawao”, “Big Island”,”Island
Girl”, “Shangri la” and many more
songs all give the listener the break
from our work world and lets the
listener escape into a stress free,
relaxing and peaceful time listening
to Leonards wonderful instrumentals
and his sense and feel of a tropical
freedom through his words and
Leonard has produced a wonderful
album with a therapeutic feel to it and
every song is a delight to listen to.
If the music doesn’t take you all the
way to paradise, then the front cover
will boost it along even more.
BUT BEWARE, if you have work
to do, or a CD to review, do not listen
to this abum, it has taken me ages to
….ummmm….to..ahhh …hmmmm
“on the Maritoba……..(slips a hat over
the eyes, sips on a cocktail and puts
the feet up and goes into a tropical

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