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Taking an original and imaginative approach to nursery rhymes and the stories behind them, “Once Upon a Song” is a delightful celebration of the songs children know and love, with an Aussie twist. With 22 songs, a musical story, children’s voices and lots of variation in the individual arrangements, this CD provides a fresh listening experience for both children and adults. Weaving together individual rhymes through storytelling narrative, Anna links four main themes; “Down at the Farm”, Let’s Go on an Adventure”, “Royalty” and “Lullabies”. Adding another layer of meaning to the rhymes, Ann has created original music which explores a diversity of musical styles from tango to jazz, Aussie country bluegrass to an off beat Tom Waites style Ogre song.

About the artist: Once Upon a Song is an interactive music and storytelling experience for young children. Featuring internationally renowned storyteller Anna Jarrett and versatile musician Ann Lehmann, along with young talents 12 year old Sam de Santi and 14 year old Amelia Gibson, the group take an original approach to nursery rhymes and the stories behind them. Captivating both kids and their parents, Once Upon a Song play with a diversity of story infused vocals, bouzouki, guitar, fiddle and percussion. Their performance is a blend of musical styles from tango to jazz, Aussie country bluegrass to offbeat Tom Waites style Ogre songs.

CD REVIEW -Melanie Turner .

Once upon a song has beautifully arranged new versions of some great classic nursery rhymes and stories, for all ages.]

The instrumentation on this CD is a pleasure to listen to with Ann Lehmann choosing some wonderful acoustic instruments including banjo, mandolin, charango, ukulele and guitar, to name a few.

Anna Jarrett’s special talent in weaving a magical story will have the children gathering around to listen.

Some of my children’s (ages 8 months, 4 and 9 years) favourites were “The farmer in the dell”, “Three blind mice”, “The ogres song”, “The grand old duke of York” and the “Mice and the Lion” story.

They have a blast singing along and have even been inspired to learn some of the tunes.
With its unpretentious and unobtrusive tone you won’t mind when the kid’s want to listen to this CD again and again.


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