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‘Calling Mission Mu’

Calling Mission Mu is CODA’s long-awaited second studio masterpiece, with the hypnotic first single ‘Rocking Horse’ that pushes the band into new musical territory. The album features CODA’s trademark lush strings, but also incorporates beats and rhythms in the vein of Air, Unkle and Groove Armada.

CODA have made a name for themselves as one of the most intriguing and creative outfits around. Twelve years into their journey, fans of their magical music and incredible live shows have an extra special treat in store with the release of CODA’s long-awaited second full length album, Calling Mission Mu.

CODA has never been afraid of pushing themselves to dizzy heights and the new album sees these talented musicians take their rich mix of sounds to a different place. The trademark strings are there, as is the fluid composition that has always weaved CODA’s many inspirations into such a seamless trip. Now with Calling Mission Mu, deep rhythms, luscious grooves and solid beats give CODA’s sound the edge and drama of electronic acts such as Red Snapper or Cinematic Orchestra. But as ever, CODA’s creations have a flavour all of their own. This album has the sonic flow of another world you can get lost in.

‘Loveliner’ comes across as a cheeky tale of exotic romance and intrigue on the high seas far, far away; “Secret Music” is like the soundtrack of a back alley spy tale, and “Shoes, Your Rhythm” is the sound of a sheesha-fueled late night cafe dance floor on the desert’s edge… CODA creates an atmosphere and story with every song on this album. They worked on these tracks as artists in residence at Arthur Boyd’s property Bundanoon on the South Coast of New South Wales and the magical atmosphere of this place is woven through their new material. The album takes you to a hundred different places at once and they all exist on planet CODA.

With their new album, CODA is at a fantastic place on their musical journey. Calling Mission Mu’s ten tracks see CODA at their playful best, with new sounds and old effortlessly blended for a spellbinding experience from start to finish. It’s a stand-out album that offers something new with each listen and is truly original – just like CODA.

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