Is’e an Aussie Is’e Lizzie


The album “Is ‘e an Aussie is ‘e Lizzie?”, part of the Warren Fahey “Yesterday’s Australia” collection. Featuring: Florrie Forde & Chorus With Orchestra, Billy Williams, Harry Fay, Mr Hamilto Hill, Albert Whelan, Flotsam & Jetsam, Malcolm McEachern, Pat Hanna

About the artist: Offering a unique repertoire of rare broadsides, goldfields minstrel songs, old bush songs, larrikin ditties, children’s rhymes and songs about early city slickers. Warren Fahey is joined by fellow ‘larrikins’ Marcus Holden, Clare O’Meara and Garry Steel. Is ‘e an Aussie is ‘e Lizzie? (Australian Stars of the International Music Hall Volume 2) ‘Various Artists’ Another Aussie blockbuster from the British Music Hall era and featuring some of our best-loved pioneer stars including Barry Humphries’ favourite vintage song (Is ‘e an Aussie, Is ‘e Aussie? By Flotsam & Jetsam who sang ‘Run Rabbit Run’), Bob Dyer, Ken Howard (‘Pisspot’s Plate’ fake race call), Albert Whelan, George Edwards and many more. Track Listing: 1. Florrie Forde Medley: She’s A Lassie From Lancashire, Girls, Study Your Cookery Book, Hello! Hello! Who’s Your Lady Friend, Susanna’s Long Stocking, Down At The Old Bull And Bush, It’s A Long Way To Tipperary, Has Anybody Seen Kelly?, Hold Your Hand Out, Naughty Boy, Flanagan, Oh! Oh! Antonio, Pack Up Your Troubles – Florrie Forde & Chorus with Orcehstra 2. Goodbye – Florrie Forde & Chorus with Orchestra 3. The Van Dam Family – Florrie Forde & Chorus with Orchestra 4. Mother’s Had A Row With Father – Florrie Forde & Chorus with Orchestra 5. Bobbing About In The Briny – Billy Williams 6. In The Days That Are Coming Bye & Bye – Harry Fay 7. Little Brown Man of Japan – Mr Hamilton Hill 8. Money In The Bank – Billy Williams 9. Settle Up Settle Down – Billy Williams 10. Mary’s Ticket – Florrie Forde 11. Come Into The Parlour, Charlie – Florrie Forde 12. Give Yourself A Pat On The Back – Albert Whelan 13. Is ‘E An Aussie Is ‘E Lizzie – Flotsam & Jetsam 14. Hello Ma – Jetsam 15. What Was The Matter With Rachmanioff – Flotsam & Jetsam 16. Children’s Christmas – Jack & The Beanstalk – Albert Whelan 17. Bathing In The Sunshine – Albert Whelan 18. Topsy Turvey Talk – Albert Whelan 19. Young Tom O Devon – Malcolm McEachern 20. The Golden City Of St Mary – Malcolm McEachern 21. The Gospel According To Racing – Pat Hanna

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