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John’s Second Solo CD Features an eclectic mix of songs from some of the most influential songwriters of our time intermingled with Traditional songs and Tunes. Add John’s own songs and instrumentals and the result is a contemporary acoustic album with roots firmly in the traditiion.His travels in Australia have influenced the song ,Songlines ,and the Instrumentals 4 am and Kangaroo, whilst his work with Sudanese Refugees has influenced the song TenFingers.

Review by John Williams
This is the second CD by John Ralph which I have been fortunate enough to review.
His CDs leave you with the feeling you would like to catch a live performance at a festival as he creates a great vibe with his singing and playing.
As John resides in Western Australia it may take a while but it is on my list.
He has appeared at several Folk Festivals such as Illawarra and Fairbridge and has more than paid his musical dues as a guitar teacher for many years as well as performing and songwriting
The fourteen tracks on this CD, half of which are original compositions, show the diverse musical backgrounds John has experienced in his many years as a teacher/performer/songwriter.
The CD opens with ‘What You Do With What You’ve Got’.
Festival audiences will recall Roy Bailey’s version of some years back.
John does it differently as you would expect but it still resonates and is a great opening track leaving you wanting more.
There are three instrumental tracks, two written by John.
I liked ‘Kangaroo’ inspired by John’s sighting of a mob soon after he emigrated .
Another instrumental ‘4 a.m.’ ,which John also wrote, manages to capture the stillness and melancholy of an early morning.
He also does a great version of ‘I looked East, I looked West and Salmon Tails’.
It’s a toe tapper a bit reminiscent of ‘Black Cat Piddled etc’
John is not afraid to tackle social issues such as politics with ‘I Believe’, refugee experiences with ‘Ten Fingers’ and the plight of the oceans with ‘Neptune’.
I enjoyed all three of the above and also the Ten Fingers remix which closes the CD.
He includes the traditional ‘Spencer the Rover’ which I liked a lot.
‘The Coal and Albert Berry’ was an interesting track.
Not sure I could be a coal miner!
John has decided to dedicate more of his time to performing so my chances of catching him have increased.
For now I will just have to play his CD and enjoy his offerings.
I believe most people would feel the same way.

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