Karisma Katz – Spirit on the Rise


A great album with 14 original tracks that traverse different styles,genre’s,rhythms and grooves. The Lyrics and music combine to paint a picture of places, events and people.
Lead vocals and blue harp by D.J Gosper. The sizzling guitar work and vocal by christo carlsen.

“Lyrically powerful and thought provoking a strong message of getting on with life through adversity, The spirit and adaptability of love shines through beautifully”
Phil Birch- Marston Artsound FM
DJ Gosper and Christo Carlsen ‘Spirit on the Rise’ CD Review by John Williams DJ Gosper and Christo Carlsen hail from Canberra. They have collaborated on this fine CD which shows off their well honed song writing talents, their excellent musicianship (Christo on guitar and DJ on blues harp) and DJ’s amazing vocal abilities. The combining of these three elements makes for a CD which is well worth a listen. The songs are meaningful and heartfelt. Both performers have a real ‘feel’ for their music which raises this CD above the ordinary. I enjoyed the whole CD but some tracks stand out. My favorite was ‘My Mother Was Right’ about the kindness people show to people suffering from adversity. I found it thoughtful and uplifting. In the same vein is ‘Shiny’ which is DJ’s moving tribute to her mother. The CD is worth owning for these two tracks alone. I also enjoyed ‘Burn, Baby, Burn’ about a life out of control and ‘Tell and Show’ about keeping some things to yourself until you are ready to reveal them. In a different style is ‘Animal (Take Me Home)’. DJ has a change in vocal style and plays great blues harp on this interesting track. In ‘Weekend People’ the vocal is sung by Christo. It is a fine track about the frenetic pace people try to keep up at weekends. ‘Lousy Beers’ is about a bitter mother paying out on an absentee father and is a powerful track. ‘Just For a Moment’ and ‘Forty Winks’ both show DJ’s considerable vocal ability coupled with Christo’s sensitive guitar playing and are both the sort of thing I like to listen to late at night with a port or Muscat. Beautiful music indeed. DJ’s blues harp playing is one of the main features of the whole CD as it is coupled with Christo’s excellent guitar work. They create a wonderful sound together. These two fine musicians have combined to create a memorable CD which any fan of the blues would like to have in their collection. I can recommend it.

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