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Marni returns to the acoustic music scene, after 20 years as a rock musician, performing original material with a country/contemporary flavour, and funky favourites – a guaranteed treat for musical audiences. Marni has recorded five previous albums with other musical configurations and has now at last released an album of her own material – songs that touch the heart, the soul, and the funny bone! “Critters & Specimens” is an album which takes a musical journey through Marni’s years as a musician/writer – from folk/pop to country, r&b and contemporary. Guest musicians – Jim Williams electric guitar(“Wild Almonds”), Barry Martin harmonica, Teana Amor snare, John Fenelon ukelele(“Sign Of Rain”), Glenn ‘Kinga’ Roy harmonica, Roger Davies electric guitar(“Judgement Day”), Nigel McLean fiddle(“Little Red Bird”), Barry Martin harmonica, Teana Amor snare(“Empty Paddock Blues”), Maggie Littlejohn fiddle, Kerrie Patmore guitar(“Sheehan Boys”), Dave Sheehan electric guitar(“Disappearing Man” and “Good Morning J Bird”).

CD REVIEW – By Ian Dearden

This first solo album from singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marni Sheehan is quietly charming and delightful.

Marni has spent more than 20 years playing in a range of Melbourne bands, primarily as a bass player in an eclectic range of musical genres.

This album with ten original songs is essentially acoustic-based country/folk, with hints of swing, blues and gospel. Marni handles not only the lead and backing vocals (with some delightful arrangements) but also contributes acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass, accordion and programming, with contributions from a range of guests on electric guitar, snare, harmonica, ukulele and fiddle.

The resultant mix is well-recorded, thoughtfully varied, and clearly draws on the broad musical legacy that 20 years of playing in bands ranging from rock, reggae, soul and salsa brings to this project, not to mention the odd touch of electronica thrown into a traditional-sounding tune led by Marni’s more than capable mandolin playing (“The Sheehan Boys”).

This is a first album to be proud of, it is an impressive introduction to a wide range of Marni’s talents as songwriter, vocalist and instrumentalist, .
Check it out – you’ll be delighted.

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