Nood Uit Gang – Not Far From the Truth


Michael Patrick Violin – Vocals – Pizza Box
Hailing from Townsville, Mick has been a fiddler for quite some time now. He likes nothing better than to get up on a…what’s this bio for again??? On a serious note, Mick is the stabilizing contingent for the Nood Uit Gang, a classical musician who dabbles with the traditional tunes of Ireland, UK and Australia. Playing since he could write, Mick’s education came from his musical siblings and a passionate father. Moving to Canberra to study classical violin, Mick met Sam at a lazy Sunday afternoon session at no.7 Leslie street. The meeting has led to good times, a few gigs and the recording. Mick now resides at the above address with Sam… the figs, plums and grapes were just too tasty!

Sam Martin Bass – Vocals – Banjolin
Sam has been playing the Bull-Fiddle since 2001. He picked up the Electric Bass in High School and began playing soul, jazz and funk music. There was a natural progression to the upright bass and country music, which probably had something to do with the money. Known throughout the smallest towns in Australia as the bass player for the ‘Toe Sucking Cowgirls’, he found there was money to be male in country-ish music. He now lives in sunny Canberra playing music of all kinds with a whole stack at different people. The Noodies has become a release from all the serious music around him, (not that our music ain’t serious).

Ewan Cloonan Guitar – Vocals – Commentary
Ewan started learning guitar in 1988 when his parent told him he was hanging out at the shop too much. About 18 months later he joined a six-piece band. One month later three band members had left, including the singer. Ewan suddenly became the singer. Eight years and as many bands later he started travelling. With no fixed address and no idea where he was going, he became a solo artist. On returning from overseas he moved to Queensland where he met his future wife who worked in Canberra, which somehow landed him at the Tamworth country music festival where he met Sam. The idea of The Noodies was born. Ain’t fate a funny thing!

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