Paris Dreaming – Self Titled


CD REVIEW –  Paris Dreaming
by Bradfield Dumpleton

Guitarist Ewan MacKenzie and accordionist Kay Sullivan have paired up to produce a sweet and guileless collection of particularly Parisian delights.

Among these pieces are several Django Reinhardt classics, including “Minor Swing”, “Tears” and the evergreen “Nuages”.

There’s even a Jacques Brel song as a little syrup on the pudding.
Peppered amongst these tributes to the French masters are some impressive original compositions and several traditional arrangements given the MacKenzie/Sullivan treatment.
This is a very easy listening album – MacKenzie’s jazz manouche licks rendered deftly in and out of Sullivan’s very competent accordion, a subtle dance between the two instruments, and an overall atmosphere of the romantic innocence and sparkle of the Parisian Springtime, a la some old Audrey Hepburn movie.

In particular it is “Nuages” in which MacKenzie really steps forward with a masterful solo true to its tradition.

While the command of both musicians is obvious, there may not be much here that surprises or makes demands on the experienced listener, but the overall effect is a very capable, wistful and nostalgic ode to the idea of Paris, and the music of its fabled heyday.
A delightful and unimposing record.

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