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In the original liner notes accompanying the 1976 album release, Inside the Great Pyramid, Paul Horn wrote the following: “The music from Mycerinus and some from Kephren is not included in this two-record set, but will be released on another LP some time in the near future.” Well, the future is now. This hauntingly beautiful accoustic recording features Paul Horn on alto flute, ‘C’ flute and piccolo. The complete recordings, including previously unissued tracks are available in the duobox collection. The duobox is an innovative packaging format for double compact disks that places two CDs into a standard, single disk-sized jewel box by means of a modified inner compartment.

Disk one contains what were previously sides one, two and three of the double album, while disk two contains side four as well as the unissued recordings from Mycerinus and Kephren. The actual analog reel-to-reel Nagra recordings were transferred to the digital domain with the greatest care taken to preserve the character and integrity of these historic recordings. The ambience, mystery and power inherent in the sound of the remarkable chambers within the Great Pyramid are captured on this recording enabling the listener to feel as if he were Inside the Great Pyramid.


CD review by John Williams

How does a Jewish flute and piccolo player get inside the great Pyramid of Cheops after hours at the height of JewishArab tensions in the 70’s and record some of the most interesting music you will ever hear.

Fortunately the cover notes on this CD explain the whole process in great detail.

It makes for fascinating reading and is an almost unbelievable story considering the times.

The recordings were made in the King’s Chamber, the Queen’s Chamber and the burial chamber of the Kephren Pyramid over two nights.

The effort Paul Horn made to do these recordings is amazing, especially the way things fell into place in the most unlikely way.

For anyone who is into meditation or just wants to relax this would be a must have CD. The flute and piccolo sound haunting when recorded in this amazing space deep inside the pyramids without any extraneous sound. I’m not a meditator but do like some quiet times and this CD is perfect for those.

The CD is in four parts, Initiation, Meditation, Enlightenment and Fulfillment. They are based on the first seven psalms in the Old Testament. The tunes were all developed by Paul Horn and he has created a mesmerizing sound. As previously stated, if you are into meditation or just want to relax then this CD will fill your needs.

It isn’t for everybody but would be a valuable addition to the collection of those interested. And the cover notes make a fascinating story. I recommend it for it’s target audience.

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