Quadrille Mania – Volumes 3 & 4 Book and CD


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Companion Call Book and a 2 CD set of tunes

Quadrille Mania

CD 3
1. First Set Fig 1 – Wedderburn Oldtimers
2. First Set Fig 2 – Wedderburn Oldtimers
3. First Set Fig 3 – Wedderburn Oldtimers
4. First Set Fig 4 – Wedderburn Oldtimers
5. First Set Fig 5 – Wedderburn Oldtimers
6. First Set Fig 6 – Wedderburn Oldtimers
7. National Quadrille Fig 1 – Emu Creek Bush Band
8. National Quadrille Fig 2 – Emu Creek Bush Band
9. National Quadrille Fig 3 – Emu Creek Bush Band
10. National Quadrille Fig 4 – Emu Creek Bush Band
11. National Quadrille Fig 5 – Emu Creek Bush Band
12. San Toys Quadrille Fig 1 – Gay Charmers
13. San Toys Quadrille Fig 2 – Gay Charmers
14. San Toys Quadrille Fig 3 – Gay Charmers
15. San Toys Quadrille Fig 4 – Gay Charmers
16. Bellbrook Lancers Promenade – Dancing Pennies
17. Bellbrook Lancers Fig 1 – Dancing Pennies
18. Bellbrook Lancers Fig 2 – Dancing Pennies
19. Bellbrook Lancers Fig 3 – Dancing Pennies
20. Bellbrook Lancers Fig 4 – Dancing Pennies
21. Fitzroy Quadrilles Fig 1 – Emu Creek Bush Band
22. Fitzroy Quadrilles Fig 2 – Emu Creek Bush Band
23. Fitzroy Quadrilles Fig 3 – Emu Creek Bush Band
24. Fitzroy Quadrilles Fig 4 – Emu Creek Bush Band
25. Fitzroy Quadrilles Fig 5 – Emu Creek Bush Band
26. Parisian Quadrille – Dancing Pennies
27. Archival Track (Royal Irish Fig 6) – Harry McQueen

CD 4
1. Archival Track (Alberts Fig 2) – Harry McQueen
2. Robbie Burns Quadrille (WA) Fig 1 – Gay Charmers
3. Robbie Burns Quadrille (WA) Fig 2 – Gay Charmers
4. Robbie Burns Quadrille (WA) Fig 3 – Gay Charmers
5. Robbie Burns Quadrille (WA) Fig 4 – Gay Charmers
6. Robbie Burns Quadrille (WA) Fig 5 – Gay Charmers
7. Alberts (Melbourne Ballroom) Fig 1 – Wedderburn Oldtimers
8. Alberts (Melbourne Ballroom) Fig 2 – Wedderburn Oldtimers
9. Alberts (Melbourne Ballroom) Fig 3 – Wedderburn Oldtimers
10. Alberts (Melbourne Ballroom) Fig 4 – Wedderburn Oldtimers
11. Alberts (Melbourne Ballroom) Fig 5 – Wedderburn Oldtimers
12. Royal Irish Fig 1 – Emu Creek Bush Band
13. Royal Irish Fig 2 – Emu Creek Bush Band
14. Royal Irish Fig 3 – Emu Creek Bush Band
15. Royal Irish Fig 4 – Emu Creek Bush Band
16. Royal Irish Fig 5 – Emu Creek Bush Band
17. Royal Irish Fig 6 – Emu Creek Bush Band
18. Metropolitan Quadrille (WA) Fig 1 – Dancing Pennies
19. Metropolitan Quadrille (WA) Fig 2 – Dancing Pennies
20. Metropolitan Quadrille (WA) Fig 3 – Dancing Pennies
21. Metropolitan Quadrille (WA) Fig 4 – Dancing Pennies
22. Archival Track (Alberts Fig 5) – Harry McQueen
23. County Cotillion – Combined (players from WOT, ECBB, GC and DP)

Tunes List:
CD 3:
Track 1. Yankee Doodle, Hughie’s Set Tune
Track 2. Oh Susanna, Camptown Races
Track 3. Mademoiselle from Armentiers, Jolly good company, What’s the Matter with Father, Jolly Good Company
Track 4. On the Road to Anywhere, Lincolnshire Poacher, McNamara’s Band,
Track 5. The Wearing of the Green, The Rakes of Mallow
Track 6. The Irish Washerwoman, The Rollicking Irishman
Track 7. Oranges & Lemons, Greensleeves, Drink to me only
Track 8. Oh Land Of My Fathers, All through the Night, The Ash Grove
Track 9. The Bluebells of Scotland, The Northern Lights of old Aberdeen, Westering Home
Track 10. St Patrick’s Day in the Morning, Irish Washerwoman, Planxty Irwin, Irish Washerwoman, For Ireland I’d not tell her name
Track 11. Tally Ho!, She’s A Lassie From Lancashire, Pretty Polly Perkins, Ap Shenkin, The Skye Boat Song, The Gathering of the Clans, Believe Me if all those Endearing Young Charms, Cockles & Mussles, Haste To The Wedding, Oranges & Lemons.
Track 12. Grandfather’s Clock, The Rakes of Mallow
Track 13. Scotland the Brave
Track 14. The Soldiers Joy
Track 15. A Rendezvous with you, You can’t be true Dear.
Track 16. Men of Harlech, I Love a Lassie
Track 17. Along the road to Gundagai
Track 18. Bury me beneath the Willow, Little old Log Cabin, In The Dell
Track 19. Bald Hill Song, The Sweets of May
Track 20. A Wee Doch & Doris, The Barren Rocks of Aden, The Red River Valley, Marching thro’ Georgia
Track 21. Bell Bottom trousers, God bless you & bugger me, Ma she’s making eyes at me
Track 22. Bert Jamieson’s Lancers Tune, Alf Roger’s Lancers Tune
Track 23. Andy Rodoni’s Set Tunes, Le A Le A La, Wa La Wop A Ping, Last September, Piggle Nor, Wa La Wop A Ping
Track 24. Garry Owen, Bonnie Dundee
Track 25. The Kurting Waltz, Sweet Belle Mahone, Write me a letter from home, Ehren on the Rhine.
Track 26. Tipperary, Coming in on a wing and prayer, A real old German Polka, Larkin’s Bar, It’s a long way to Tipperary, Goodbye Tipperary, Grand old Duke of York
Track 27. The Irish Washerwoman, Bill McGlashan’s 1st fig of Royal Irish.

CD 4:
Track 1. Old folks at home, Camptown Races
Track 2. Grandfather’s Clock, Waltzing Matilda, It’s a long long way to Tipperary
Track 3. Lapland, There is a Tavern in the town
Track 4. Old folks at home
Track 5. Two little girls in Blue
Track 6. The Backblock Shearer, Jolly Good Company
Track 7. When you and I were young Maggie, When the Saints come marching in
Track 8. Goodbye Tipperary, Roll ‘em Girls
Track 9. The Cock o’ the North, One Hundred Pipers
Track 10. The Bluebells of Scotland, Oh My Darling Clementine, I belong to Glasgow, Oh my darling Clementine
Track 11. The Spanish Waltz, The more we are together, Over the Waves, The more we are together, Loveliest night of the Year
Track 12. Come Back To Erin, McGlashan’s 1st fig. Royal Irish, The Wild Colonial Boy
Track 13. The Minstrel Boy, The Girl I left behind me, The Rakes of Mallow
Track 14. The Dear Little Shamrock, Nora Creina, Bill O’Rourke (Jack Heagney’s version)Track 15. The Harp that once through Tara’s Hall, The Irish Lilt
Track 16. Paddy Will You Now
Track 17. Derry Vale, The Sprig of Shillelah, Paddy Whack, Garry Owen, St Patrick’s Day in the Morning, The Rollicking Irishman, The Irish Washerwoman, The Humours of Donnybrook, The Mountains of Mourne.
Track 18. John Brown’s Body, Jambalaya, Marching thro’ Georgia
Track 19. Cock o’ the North, Father papered the parlour, Merrily kiss the Quaker’s wife
Track 20. Dancing Pennies, Pretty White Lilies
Track 21. Tell Me Ma, The Cornish Floral Dance, Oh Susannah
Track 22. Passing Shadows, On Mocking Bird Hill.
Track 23. Westering Home, The Mudgee Waltz (Tom Blackman’s), Billy of Tea, The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door, Bonnie Mary of Argyle, The Rose of Allandale, The Saxophone Waltz, Shamus O’Brien, The Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen



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