Quadrille Mania – Volumes 5 & 6 Book and CD


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Companion Call Book and a 2 CD set of tunes

Quadrille Mania

CD 5
1. Archival Track – The Traditional MC
2. Forbes & Victoria Valley Lancers Fig 1
3. Forbes & Victoria Valley Lancers Fig 2
4. Forbes & Victoria Valley Lancers Fig 3
5. Forbes & Victoria Valley Lancers Fig 4
6. Forbes & Victoria Valley Lancers Fig 5
7. Waltz Quadrille Fig 1
8. Waltz Quadrille Fig 2
9. Waltz Quadrille Fig 3
10. Waltz Quadrille Fig 4
11. Waltz Quadrille Fig 5
12. Waltz Quadrille Fig 6
13. Brisbane Quadrilles Fig 1
14. Brisbane Quadrilles Fig 2
15. Brisbane Quadrilles Fig 3
16. Brisbane Quadrilles Fig 4
17. Brisbane Quadrilles Fig 5
18. Alberts (Bush Dance & Music Club version) Fig 1
19. Alberts (Bush Dance & Music Club version) Fig 2
20. Alberts (Bush Dance & Music Club version) Fig 3
21. Alberts (Bush Dance & Music Club version) Fig 4
22. Alberts (Bush Dance & Music Club version) Fig 5
23. Polka Cotillion
24. Archival Track – The Caller and his Echo
CD 6 – Emu Creek Bush Band plus Archival Tracks
1. Archival Track – Comp. Fig 2 & 3 Alberts
2. Tommy’s Quadrille Fig 1
3. Tommy’s Quadrille Fig 2
4. Tommy’s Quadrille Fig 3
5. Tommy’s Quadrille Fig 4
6. Tommy’s Quadrille Fig 5
7. Polka Quadrille
8. The Hussars Fig 1
9. The Hussars Fig 2
10. The Hussars Fig 3
11. The Hussars Fig 4
12. The Hussars Fig 5
13. Masonic Quadrille Fig 1
14. Masonic Quadrille Fig 2
15. Masonic Quadrille Fig 3
16. Masonic Quadrille Fig 4
17. Masonic Quadrille Fig 5
18. Speedy Quadrille Fig 1
19. Speedy Quadrille Fig 2
20. Speedy Quadrille Fig 3
21. Speedy Quadrille Fig 4
22. Speedy Quadrille Fig 5
23. Richmond Lodge Masonic Quadrille Fig 1
24. Richmond Lodge Masonic Quadrille Fig 2
25. Richmond Lodge Masonic Quadrille Fig 3
26. Richmond Lodge Masonic Quadrille Fig 4
27. Nine Pins Quadrille
28. Nine Pins Quadrille
29. Nine Pins Quadrille
30. Nine Pins Quadrille
31. Nine Pins Quadrille
32. Nine Pins Quadrille
33. Galop Quadrille
34. Song – The Old Bush Dance by Bruce Watson
35. Archival Track – Comp. Fig 4&5 Alberts

Tunes List:
CD 5
Track 1. Tickets Please
Track 2. Bert Jamieson’s tune, Albert Roger’s tune (Alf Howe’s)
Track 3. Joe Comini’s Set Tune, Reg Anning’s ‘I Want Some Money’ (WA)
Track 4. Colin Charlton’s 3rd Lancers, Cunnamulla Stocking Jig & Dave Matthias Set Tune (version of Comin’ thro’ the Rye)
Track 5. Marnie McCaughey’s Mayflower Polka, George Yerbury’s Tune, Mayflower Polka, Jim Lynch’s Tune
Track 6. I Threw More Whitewash Over the Old Woman than I did Over the Garden Wall,
Lester Thompson’s Set Tune, Frank Thompson’s Set Tune
Track 7. Henry’s Waltz
Track 8. Ehren On The Rhine, Jockey Boys (Where Old Silver Mines Fell)
Track 9. Ma Seal’s Polonaise Waltz
Track 10. Harry McQueen’s two Veleta Waltzes
Track 11. Frank Collin’s Waltz, Fritz Shick’s Waltz
Track 12. Will Ye Go Lassie Go (Wild Mountain Thyme), Only A Pansy Blossom, The Whroo Band Waltz
Track 13. Waltzing Matilda (Buderim), Waltzing Matilda (MacPherson), Bill Kraatz’s Barn Dance Track 14. The Maranoa Drovers
Track 15. Ladies of Brisbane (Augathella Station), Sign On Day, The Inglewood Cocky, The Canecutter’s Lament, Sign On Day
Track 16. The Wallaby Brigade, King of the Cannibal Islands, The Overlander, King of the Cannibal Islands
Track 17. Queensland My Home, Beautiful Beautiful Queensland, Queensland My Home
Track 18. Little Banjo Boy, Ring Ring the Banjo, Hey Mr Banjo, Ring Ring the Banjo
Track 19. Finnigan’s Wake, Marching thro’ Georgia
Track 20. Mr Semmens set tune, Harry McQueen’s set tune
Track 21. McGlashan’s 4th Alberts, Corry’s Polka Mazurka, Pretty White Lilies, Corry’s Polka Mazurka
Track 22. On Mocking Bird Hill, If I Was A Blackbird, Little Pussy, Max Orchard’s Waltz, If I Was a Blackbird, Little Pussy, Botany Bay)
Track 23. Bert Jamieson’s 3 part Polka, Me & My True Love, Polly Wolly Doodle.
Track 24. Pink Lady, When I Grow Too Old To Dream & (Underneath The) Mellow Moon

CD 6
Track 1. ‘Childhood Days’ (based on Nursery Rhymes) Pop Goes The Weasel (tag), My Sweet Iola, Ba Ba Black Sheep, Jack Spratt, Little Jack Horner, Hickory Hickory Dock, Little Bo Peep.
Track 2. The Oldtimers’ Two-Step
Track 3. Harry McQueen’s Prince Imperials Tune
Track 4. McGlashan’s 3rd fig of First Set
Track 5. The Rollicking Irishman, Frog Puddles
Track 6. Jack & Marie’s Waltz, (Oh) The Springtime It Brings On The Shearing & Harry McQueen’s Polka Mazurka, Dancing Pennies, The Springtime It Brings On The Shearing, Harry McQueen’s Polka Mazurka
Track 7. See Me Dance the Polka, Mr Semmen’s Polka, Buffalo Girls, Jenny Lind, Elma’s Polka, He played his ukelele as the Ship went down, King Pippin Polka, He played his ukelele as the ship went down, Harry Cotter’s See-Saw Polka, See Me Dance the Polka
Track 8. Wedgewood Blue, Gavotte
Track 9. Rendezvous
Track 10. Gavotte (Italian)
Track 11. ‘To A Miniature’in Gavotte timeFig 5 Glow-worm 1 x 44 bars Key C 4 bar intro
Track 12. Glow-worm
Track 13. Tavern in the Town
Track 14. Frank Thompson’s set tune, Lester Thompson’s set tune
Track 15. Golden Slippers, Rakes of Mallow
Track 16. Mudgee waltz, Orotaba waltz
Track 17. Humours of Donnybrook, Ma Seal’s Alberts tune
Track 18. Yankee Doodle, Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay
Track 19. Rakes of Mallow, Finnigan’s Wake
Track 20. Atholl Highlanders
Track 21. Soldier’s Joy
Track 22. Come Lasses and Lads
Track 23. Joe Yates Second Reel, Frank Collins Second Reel
Track 24. McGlashan’s 3rd fig of the First Set
Track 25. The Catalpa, The Backblock Shearer
Track 26. The Berrimal Waltz, The Catalpa
Track 27. Harry McQueen’s Prince Imperials,
Track 28. The Grand Old Duke Of York (Madge Everard’s Cornish version)
Track 29. Andy Rodoni’s Watermelon Vine
Track 30. Tickets Please
Track 31. The Rose Tree
Track 32. When the Saint’s go marching in
Track 33. Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay, William Tell, All At Home Galop, The Can Can.
Track 34. The Old Bush Dance, (Spanish Waltz and Johnny Boughton’s Old Veleta Waltz)
Track 35. Childhood Days (based on Nursery Rhymes) – I Don’t Want to Play in Your Yard, Oranges & Lemons, Pussy Cat Pussy Cat, Oh! Dear! What Can the Matter Be?, I Love Little Pussy, Little Friends, Boys & Girls go out to play, One, Two, Buckle My Shoe.



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