Raw Honey – Unlikely Places


CD REVIEW  – By Ian Dearden

This duo, two women from South Australia sounding at times like Bonnie Raitt in stereo, have produced a superb album in this, their second album but their first studio effort (the first album, released in 2001 was recorded “live in the studio”).

Miranda Bradley and Sue Pratten are each, in their own right, experienced singers, songwriters and instrumentalists (guitar, piano, bass and mandolin), and have been together since 2000.

Each brings significant skills and experience to the duo, with Miranda having done time in the inimitable Fruit (one of Australia’s most exciting live bands) and Sue coming from a lengthy background in both performance and music education.

All of the elements have come together beautifully in this package.
The songwriting is first class, the singing and harmonies are to die for, the arrangements are spot-on, and the performances that they have wrung out of their support musicians are exceptional.

I particularly enjoyed the blazing electric lead guitar of James Meston on tracks such as “Empty Handed” and “Ten O’Clock Blues”, but it would be unfair to spotlight anyone of the superb supporting cast because they are all, without exception, outstanding.
This is a CD where it has all come together beautifully.

The recording quality is first class, the original songs are very classy, the vocals (both lead and harmonies) jump out and grab you by the throat, and the package works from beginning to end.

For a superb mix of folk, blues, rock and roots, you need go no further.
And in a world riven by pain, sadness, misery and despair, they have the guts to write (and sing with pure belief) a song called “Peace Hope Faith Love”.
It’s good enough for me, and it will be for you.

The good news is that Raw Honey has managed to make their way onto the bills of leading folk festivals including Woodford, Port Fairy and the National, not to mention a whole range of other venues in South Australia and beyond.

I’ve not seen them live, but if this CD is a fair indication of their talent, they are not to be missed!.

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