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Rough Red – Better Red than Dead CD review by Eric Ford
Rough Red were one of Australia’s folk rock bands of the 90’s and into the 2000. They toured extensively both here and overseas before calling a halt about 2002. They reformed last year. Better Red than Dead was thier fi rst album. Vintage 1996 it was “rebottled’ and released in 2002. It has just come into my hands. I’m not sure why it has taken so long but for me it’s been worth the wait. The majority of the material is band written. Played in Folk, Rock and Country idioms it is very palatable. Easy on the ear with a fi ne “aftertaste”. 1996 was obviously a good year for ‘Reds’. The album stands the test of time. Well Reds are made for longevity aren’t they? An intoxicating at times blend of good vocals, mainly John Fegan, and jangling guitars. The songs have a very traditional style altho themes are today – Backstage Desperado mentions “Brown sugar, Susie Q and Little Queenie- rock if nothing. Stand and Deliver a song of bushrangers. The Innocent Victim – anti war covering the Falklands and the Troubles in Ireland. Asking the questions. Do they know why they are here, did they have choice? Songs of the sea are here also as are songs of the land. The songs are well crafted whatever the subject matter. The album covers what one would expect of an album of the nineties but is still topical today. Sensitive new age guys are covered in I Don’t like these Tears. Well did men in the nineties cry? The larrikin in the band is evident. Distinctly Australian the members are John Fegan, Steve Tyson, Peter Harvey, John Barr and Dave Parnell. John and Steve share the major writing credits with a couple from Peter Harvey. My favourites are The Flying Dutchman, the aforementioned The Innocent Victim and Man on the Land. “Put down” in 1996, released again in 2002 and now as a good red should, standing the test of time in 2010, Better Red than Dead should be an interesting addition to your CD “cellar” Kind to the ear and easy on the palate, listen to it with a glass or two of the real stuff. You won’t, I’m sure, suffer any hangover

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