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Someplace Good Already This is SourSob Bob’s 5th full length album release with two re-recorded tracks from his first CD, which is out of print. The album also includes two tracks which feature Mal Webb of Totally Gourdgeous and general Mal Webb fame playing trumpet and trombone, “Someplace Good Already” and “My Place”. On this album Soursob Bob Is accompanied by drums, bass, slide guitar, cello and piano at different times. Emma Luker also plays on five of the tracks, including the instrumental track “Journey Someplace in Another time”, which was written with her. Other stand out tracks on this album include “Sing the Folk”, “Reinvent yourself “and “The Lead track “Someplace Good Already”. Another good listen from Soursob . The track listing is 1.Someplace Good Already 2.Cord (Girl at the Jeans Shop) 3.Reinvent Yourself 4.Do you have to turn your back and walk away every time I walk into the room? 5. Ruthless 6.Sing the Folk 7.My Place 8.Fancy Pants 9.Bonfire 10.Raskolnikov 11.Journey Someplace in Another Time.

About the artist: Soursob Bob’s music is an accomplished take on folk, with a definite Australian slant. Nothing is sacred in Soursob’s world. As he puts spin on everyday and unusual occurrences, his lyrical content is exceptionally sharp, satirical and provocative.

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