Stars of Australian Stage & Radio – Volume 1


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Featuring: Cyril Ritchard, George Edwards, Stiffy & Mo, Jenny Howard, John Henery &Gladys Horridge, Bob Dyer, Billy Williams, Minnie Love, Clem Dawe, Eric Edgley, Jack O’Hagan, Ada & Elsie, Charlie Vaude, Sid Beck, Rex Dawe, Jim Williams, Ralph Peterson, Nell Fleming, Dick Bentley, Dan Agar, Nellie Kolle, Albert Whelan, Ken Howard, Mike Connors & Freddie Witt, Roy Rene, Sadie Gale, Harry Griffiths, George Sorlie & Humphrey Bishop.
About the artist: Offering a unique repertoire of rare broadsides, goldfields minstrel songs, old bush songs, larrikin ditties, children’s rhymes and songs about early city slickers. Warren Fahey is joined by fellow ‘larrikins’ Marcus Holden, Clare O’Meara and Garry Steel.

All the great radio stars of the 30/40s

Track Listing: 1. The Oldest Chorus Boy In London – Cyril Ritchard 2. Snake Gully Home of Mine – George Edwards 3. Tit Bits – Stiffy & Mo 4. Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! – Jenny Howard 5. The Harbour Bridge (Pt 2) – John Hnery & Gladys Horridge 6. Never See Maggie Alone – Bob Dyer 7. Rosetta – Billy Williams 8. Broken Doll – Minnie Love 9. The Women Hater – Clem Dawe 10. Radio Sketch – Clem Dawe & Eric Edgley 11. If I Wasn’t A Friend of Your Husband – Jack O’Hagan 12. Looking Around – Ada & Elsie 13. Grandfather’s Shirt – Charlie Vaude 14. I’m Gonna Dance Wid De Guy Wot Brung Me – Sid Beck 15. ‘Yes What’ commercial – Rex Dawe, Jim Williams & Ralph Peterson 16. That’s How I Like ‘Em – Nell Fleming 17. That’s Psychology – Dick Bentley 18. I’ve Only Come Down For The Day – Dan Agar 19. Tell Them That You’re A Londoner – Nellie Kolle 20. Whistling Coon – Albert Whelan 21. The Pisspots Plate – Ken Howard 22. And They Called It Dixieland – Mike Connors & Freddie Witt 23. McCakie Madhouse – Roy Rene, Sadie Gale & Harry Griffiths 24. Alexander’s Ragtime Band/I’m The Showman – George Sorlie & Humphrey Bishop.

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