Two Girls Will – The Tease


CD Review by Ian Dearden

This is the debut  album of Sydney-based  band Two Girls  Will, which features the acoustic (and electric) guitar-playing  of Will Pippen and the bluesy vocals of Colleen Fricker. With ten original tracks,  written either individually  or collectively by Will and  Colleen, this album falls squarely in the “blues and  roots” category of your local music retailer (if any such bricks and mortar stores exist anymore!!)  There are three acoustic guitar pieces (Anxious, Sussex Inlet and Intro) which show off Will  Pippen’s tasty chops to  perfection.  Throughout the remaining seven songs, his acoustic and electric  slide guitar playing lends a  down and dirty tone which  matches perfectly the passionate, in your face  vocals of Colleen Fricker,  bringing to mind early  Melissa Etheridge. I was reminded in listening to this album of  the blues/folk aspects of  early Led Zeppelin albums,  albeit with a female  vocalist out front instead of  Robert Plant.  I suspect the  explanation is that both  bands have been drawing  water from the same well,  which is no bad thing!!  The band performs in  both acoustic duo and  full band electric line ups,  and this album places  both sides of the band  on show – from full scale  blues rockers (Tease), to  introspective acoustic  guitar driven songs  (Indifferent).  They are working  hard on the music circuit  in Sydney, and on the  strength of this impressive  first album, they have a  bright future.

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