Band Who Knew Too Much, The – Come On Let’s Go


CD REVIEW – The Band Who Knew Too Much – Come On Let’s Go
by Bradfield Dumpleton

According to their press releases The Band Who Knew Too Much play woodchop jazz, but to my ears there is some definite ska and polka tendencies elbowing in wherever possible.
The line-up on this 2003 release consists of double bass, drums, clarinet, liberal languid doses of trombone and lashings of accordion all over the place.

The music is a kind of bastard hybrid of aforementioned ska / polka tangled up with moments of tex mex / cowboy, and the attitude is shamelessly contemporary Australian larrikin.

This is party music, energetic, built for drinking to, and lyrically taking a swag of anthemic pokes at the backyard of Australian life.
The title track laments the chaos of city life and the desire to head back to the country.
“Are You Right” is the gruff demand of a bloke defending his suburban territory against a sentimental previous tenant, “Powerful Lies” is an Eastern Bloc swing taking a dig at politicians, and “Burning” uses a Latin percolation as a backdrop to a tale of a man caught in a rural bushfire.
And as for the self-explanatory “Beer O’Clock”………well, what other time is there?
An old Big Bill Broonzy cover, “Black, Brown and White”, retains its topical message and gets a very groovy New Orleans shuffle treatment.
And to tie it all together, what else but a brain bending version of the Strine classic “I’ve Been Everywhere”.

This is an eclectic and inherently silly collection of songs, plenty of fun, very danceable and by no means intended for serious music appreciators.

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