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Over the years describing the band’s sound has been challenging. Seeing the band live and experiencing their energy and group dynamic is the best way. Songs move between odd musical styles including ska, jazz, folk and their own unique ‘Woodchop Rhythm’. Add some strong local lyric with gang vocal delivery and their unique sound is complete.

Exciting Australian songs propelled by energetic jazz-like woodchop rhythm! Add some strong local lyric, with gang vocal delivery and their unique sound is complete.

The Band Who Knew Too Much are a bona-fide foolproof floor-packing band. For over a decade they have branded their sound around the world; a highly energetic act that is at home singing on the festival stage, busking unplugged on the city streets, or anything inbetween!

Washboard/Accordion driven anthems about spending the rent, hard rubbish nights and of course, the immortal BEER O’CLOCK!! It’s happy hour, energetic party music for everyone.

The Band Who Knew Too Much embrace the brattiness and flaws of everyday life and turn them into material for an intoxicating party of endless energy- like being stuck in the exact moment of winning the AFL premiership cup and feeling the pain and tears of every losing season drift off your shoulders and disappear in the air.’

‘ After 15 years of proving it, The Band Who Knew Too Much are a truly classic Australian band with an undying spirit for the complete abandon and joy we feel when we throw our fines out the window, slam the rent down on the bar and decide there’s no tomorrow- all night long.’

Woodchop Jazz veterans The Band Who Knew Too Much celebrate the important things: Beer, Spending the Rent, Whales, Suburban lunch cutting and Hard Rubbish nights in Kew.

Dave Evans: accordion, vocals.
Andy Reid: clarinet, washboard, vocals.
Matt Earl: drums, assorted percussion.
Ben Gillespie: trombone, vocals.
Shannon Birchall: double bass, vocals.
Craig Fermanis: guitar.


The Band Who Knew Too Much – Eat Sleep Work
Review by Chris Spencer
The latest album from The Band Who Knew Too Much continues in the same vein as their last album Come On Let’s Go. Recorded in 2007, this album features mostly originals written in various styles with a couple of interesting covers. The fi rst three tracks “I Thought I Heard Someone”, “Stunted” and “Givin’ it Away” are upbeat, dancey ska tracks, the second featuring the piano accordion. Their interpretation of “Lachlan Tigers” is upbeat and a bit unusual featuring the piano accordion again. However, by track six “100,000 Lights On” the band decide to slow the pace with a cruisy reggae tune with an electric guitar solo (I’m starting to get interested now!). However, by tracks seven, nine and 10 – “I Fall into Your Eyes”, “Laundry Bag Blues” and “Know Your Product” – the beat is back to ska and we’re dancing again. Their version of the Saints’ “Know Your Product” is welcome – a different arrangement to the original and I can hear all the words! Track eight “Boogie Man” is not a boogie, but a slow rock ballad, with another great electric guitar solo by Craig Fermanis. “We’d Ride” is one of the album’s highlights – it’s a bouncy ballad, with an excellent clarinet solo that extols the pleasures of bicycle riding. “Some of These Days” is a jazzy number while the last ska tune “She’s Gone” about a girlfriend who has left the singer, featuring a funky ska beat and a moog sound, has a hidden track – an enjoyable rock folk instrumental that seems left over from the “Boogie Man” recording session. The strength of the album is the song writing of three different members Dave Evans, Andy Reid and Shannon Birchall; I assume all take turns on vocals – there’s one with a deep voice and another with a clear, higher pitch. An enjoyable experience.

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