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Bruce’s third album continues his tradition of mixing his hilarious humour with songs on a range of big issues. Bruce is a major Australian songwriter and performer in the folk tradition, performing around Australia. His songs have the power to move listeners to tears one moment, and have them in stitches the next. Also available words and music – 101 Songs by Bruce Watson TN523 $25

About the artist: A much loved icon of the Australian folk scene, Bruce’s songs are sometimes hilarious, sometimes confronting, sometimes both, but always entertaining and full of surprises. Eric Bogle, Joe Dolce, and Blackwood sing them and he has received a swag of awards. The Bruce Watson Trio joins Bruce’s talents with the musical genius of Lyndal Chambers and Brian Strating, adding richness and punch.


CD review by Terry Carlan


I downloaded this CD to a stick and put it on in the car as I headed off on an hour long journey.

I listened to the first four tracks, ‘The man and the woman and the Edison phonograph’, ‘Up in the Queensland wet’, ‘Toddler with attitude’, and ‘The old bush Dance ‘ … with half an ear just to get the overall feel of the CD.

It’s Australian and it’s folky.

‘The man and the woman and the Edison phonograph’ is about  … hmmm it’s an interesting one … a black woman and a white man in generations passed … and well said.

The next one is bouncy.

I heard and felt the wet in the ‘Queensland wet’.

Nice repetitive and catchy and good fun.

I certainly heard the ‘Toddler with Attitude’ as he was howling!

Okay it’s definitely Australian, it’s folky and it’s humorous.

‘The old bush dance’ was a delight to listen to and the band is good good good.

I just wanted to get out of the car and dance with someone.

The fourth track ‘I shared a urinal with Martin Ferguson’ ‘pricked’ my ears and tickled my fancy.

What an interesting concept and Bruce plays the lines so well.

When he reached the line ‘ … And it could never happen to my wife..’ I laughed out loud in a line of traffic!

Beautifully played, sir!

‘Another day in a small town’ is a lovely song, wistful, matter-of-factual, gentle and lovely.

‘Outback Love Song’ hits you with its harmonies right off.

It’s about a Mt Isa cattle station and I find myself getting a little misty with the line ‘In the end what counts is we’re together’.

Now, ‘The Pirate Song’ is just plain mayhem.

This would get a bunch of kids singing along straight away and encourage all the older members of the family to show you their ‘Aaarrgghhss’.

The piano brings you in to ‘’Half a world away’ .. a beautiful tune.

Your imagination supplies the story.

There’s a story next. What a story.

‘Olegas’ was a photographer and a bushman who drowned in the Gordon River.

The orchestration is delicate and fitting.

The viola fits like a glove.

‘Hello to chaos, goodbye to freedom’ sounds onerous doesn’t it?

When you have kids everything changes.


Your sleeping hours, what you think, your conversation!

But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you have kids, have had kids, might have kids, know kids .. you’ll relate to this fun.

‘All Australian boys need a head’ is a wicked parody of John Williamson.

Listen to it! Enjoy it!

‘The Twilight Cafe’ makes me tear up a little.

Maybe it’s the chords, maybe it’s the sentiment, maybe it’s the words … it’s a beautiful song.

Sometimes all you need is a guitar and a piano and a coffee in the Twilight Cafe.

‘If I could write songs like Eric’ is another bit of fun.

This time Eric Bogle gets eulogised. Wicked.

‘Out my window’ is the last song on the CD titled ‘Out my window’.

Do you know those times when you need to stay in ..?

I found this CD ‘Out My Window’ thoroughly enjoyable.

The music is excellent. Precise.

There are some quite poignant songs.

Thoughtful lyrics. Imagery.

And some rollicking fun and laughs.

Sit down and listen and enjoy them all.

Well done Bruce Watson.

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