Lost Dances of Earthly Delights (The) – Vol 1 – Favourites for 4 Settings – Book and 4 CDs – John Garden (Copy)


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Volume 2 and its CDs were released a few years after Volume 1 and present more exciting hitherto unknown material. There are instructions for new dances in every conceivable form and formation and the band Earthly Delights, with new members and friends, offers wonderful new sounds on bourrées, hambos, jigs, polkas, schottisches, marches, mazurkas, minuets, pavans, galliards, varsoviennas, waltzes and zweifachers. Together with Volume 1 it offers enough dance instructions for countless evenings of fun dancing and enough music for nearly 10 hours of good listening!
The book comes with 4 full-band audio CDs in attached pockets.

Spiral bound A4. 

Here (in bold) are the dances for which the book gives instructions and (in plain text) the tunes notated in the book and recorded on the CD:

(Disc 1)
1. Daring Damsel The Garde de l’eau Galop / The Galosh Slip Step /Street Trapeze
2. Vulgarian Salutations Handshake and Wheel / Twirl and Clap /Balance and Kiss
3. Grapevine Polka Whistling Permitted / Laughing Allowed /Cheerful Dispositions Tolerated
4. Three Baskets Croquette with Flamingos /Cross Questions / Crooked Answers
5. Blackforest Medley Hunting in the Brambles / Deeper in the Wood /The Startled Stag
6. Alcuin’s Contra Little Big Boy / Jack-in-the-Box Dancer / Slipper and Socks Drummer
7. Potluck Welcome The Hermit’s Haunt / The Hobbit’s Hole / The Gnome’s Home / The Erling’s Lair
8. Cinderella Waltz An Everafter Evening / Pumpkin Waiting / The Glass Slipper
9. Regal Romp The Emperor’s New Clothes /Stitched-up Triumph /Pincushion Polka
10. Hands Off Waltz Blind Cupid / Pan’s Prank / Smitten in Error
11. Short Easy Sotiisi Flying on Shovels /Riding Rainbows / Climbing Waterfalls
12. Even Handed Ländler Bitter Sweet / The Owl’s Lament / The Nightingale’s Joy
13. Baltic Crossing The Frozen Sea / Icebreaker Exchange / The Broken Blockade / Free Passage
14. Ariadne’s Thread Fearless Theseus / Wrestling the Minator / Returning Alive
15. Ad Absurdam Sur Place Stick for a Septre /Cap for a Crown / Rag for a Robe
16. Cross Gartered Laces and Bows / Dressing Up / Stripping Down / Tops and Bottoms

Country (Disc 2)
1. Burley Griffin Bourreée Sails Large and Small / Criss-crossing the Lake / In a Symphony of Colour
2. Sun and Moon Allemande The Griffon’s Claw /The Phoenix’s Feather / The Dragon’s Scale
3. Regatta Room Grapple The Sailor’s Pas de Basque / Tactful Turns / Knot in the Rigging
4. The Giant’s Backbone The Gentle Friend / Loping Along / The Wrong Turn /Hang On
5. His Majesty’s Maggot Graceful Figuring / Faithful Following / Fanciful Flourishing
6. La Va Ouvert Moths to the Flame / Flattering Foes / The Dejected Suitor
7. Fast Forward Polka The Layman’s Advice / The Madman’s Counsel / The Idiot’s Inspiration
8. Birthday Treat In the Highest Room / In the Tallest Tower
9. The Cloved Orange The Gift Bestode / The Kiss Returned
10. Handfasting Hambo The Bride’s Bright Ribbons / The Groom’s Splendid Vest / Promise and Reward
11. The Maze Tripping in the Sunshine / The Barbican Trap / Giromancy Jig / No Way in, No Way out
12. Conjuring L’Amour The Wizard’s Charm / The Witches’ Curse / The Sourcerer’s Invocation
13. Hot Cross Polka Rare Spices / Rich Silks / Persian Polka
14. Southern Highland Schottische Uplifting Air / Rolling Hills / The Attempted Picnic
15. Little Ländler Weathervane off the Gable /Storknest on the Chimney /Dovecote in the Steeple
16. Catapult Contra The Right Choice / Spoon in the Hat Band / Garter on the Elbow

Town (Disc 3)
1. There and Back The Merchant’s Vision / Ships in Procession / Manikins on the March / Peacocks on Parade
2. Russian Tour Frost under Foot / The Camel’s Breath / The Caravanserie
3. Tapestry Crewel Devotion / Woven Regard / Threaded Fidelity / Needlepoint Constancy
4. Grand Illusion Waltz Imagining Home /Begetting Parents /Suckling on Nostalgia
5. Beaus between Belles Rutting Rites and Wrongs / Doe Dos and Don’ts
6. The Savvy Wench Trouble in the Guildhall / The Miserly Master / The Barefoot Apprentice
7. Harmony Hambo The Ogre’s Merry Galumph / The Troll’s Cheery Hobble / The Polska Round the Maypole
8. Contre Quintain Jousting in Jest / Tilting at Windmills /Fighting with Phantoms
9. Alexandrina Waltz Creeping Upstairs / Assembly Aflight / Breather on the Balcony
10. Showdown Schottische Dueling Lovers / Measure for Measure /Sash vers Sporan / Face-off Swing
11. Askance Romance The Bold Mouse /Sleeping Peacefully / In the Cat’s Ear
12. The Great Roundabout Celestial Cogs / Widdershin Wheelings / Connecting Courtesies / Intersecting Heys
13. Peek-a-boo Polka The Tinker’s Wagon / Behind the Curtain / The Pedlar’s Polka
14. My Lady’s Minuet The Queen’s Corset / The Minister’s Breeches / The Handmaid’s Discretion
15. La Va Croissé Le Dernier Cri / The Debutante’s Hoop / The Fop’s Faux Pas
16. Northern Stars, Southern Skies Orbit’s Awry / Axes Askew / The Confused Constellation

Court (Disc 4) 
1. Snowball Slalom Waves of Joy / Cascade of Woes 
2. Barbarous Elegance Citizens of Taste / Flying the White Eagle / In the Land of the Fleur de Lis
3. Damen vor Herren Ladies First / Gentlemen Next / Allemande Allegory 
4. Two Steps Lamplight Wonderland /Open the Windows /Ballroom Blur
5. La Va Melangée Fans all a Flutter / Curved For and Aft / With Pompadour and Bustle
6. A Courtly Acrostic Her Highnesses’ Request / His Highness’ Wish / The Caller’s Piping / The Royal Favourite
7. The Music Box Tick-tock Ballerinas / Turntable Soldiers /Brushes and Combs
8. Ridicule and Repartee The Witty Remark / The Smart Reply / The Ready Retort
9. Honeymoon Hambo A Month of Meade /A Mug of Mirth /A Mellifluous Marriage
10. Round with Corners Cockeyed Encounter / Diagonal Dalliance /Zig-zag Azimuth
11. My Lord’s Minuet The King’s Pyjamas / The Mistress’ Nightie / The Servant’s Eyebrows
12. Footloose Gypsy Rusty Mail / The Idle Page / The Carefree Knight
13. Swish, Switch and Swing Side-by-Side / Back-to-Front / Under and Over / Heart-to-Heart
14. Washing Machine Mazurka The Sprite’s Whisper / The Siren’s Song / The Syrinx’s Cry 
15. Dashing Dragoon The Handsome Hussar / The Captain’s Daughter / The Horseback Fling / The Jealous Spouse
16. Whirl of Memories Flickering Fragments / Floating Forms / Framed Faces

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