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Combining material from the original 1998 award winning ‘Book’ and ‘Box of Earthly Delights’ with subsequently ‘unearthed’ material, this collection of tunes, dances and contextual notes was  first released in 2002. With the band and these dances all receiving great reviews, all sets sold out. When a second collection was ready for publication in 2005, the opportunity was taken to re-release the 2002 collection as Volume 1 in a 2 part series.  Together with Volume 2 it offers enough dance instructions for countless evenings of fun dancing and enough music for nearly 10 hours of good listening!
The book comes with 4 full-band audio CDs in attached pockets.

Spiral Bound A4 Illus

Here (in bold) are the dances for which the book gives instructions and (in plain text) the tunes notated in the book and recorded on the CD:

Spring (Disc 1)
1. The Path to the Well Once Upon a Time / In a Faraway Land / Where the Fox and the Hare Say Goodnight / The Villagers Awake
2. Stomping Around Ashby’s Jig / Bouncing Back
3. Dizzy Mixer Zeno’s Arrow / The Monk’s Nightmare / The Effendi’s Turban
4. Fancy-Free Flirting Dressed for the Ball / The Mirrored Corridor / The Swirling Gowns
5. Nymphs and Satyrs Out for a Ride / A Beautiful Day /Sunshower
6. The Gates of Terpsichorea The Story Teller / Spinning Tales / Embroidering Truths / On the Rug before the Hearth
7. Yarralumla Rumba The Kettle’s Whistle / A Magic Brew /A Stirring Sip
8. The Celtic Spiral Bagpipe Party / The Chest-Warmed Chanter / The Well-Soaked Reed
9. Red Rocks Bourrée The Willow’s Caress / The River’s Lead / The Rapid’s Embrace
10. The Bridges of Königsberg Mushrooms among the Acorns / Cranes on the Roofs / Balloons Overhead
11. Lotsi’s Spell Sturdy Beggars / Minstrels of Honour / The Up-Turned Hat
12. Opposites Attract Amarant Wedding/ A Fine Reception / Into the Dizzy Night
13. Dancing in the Meadow Picking Flowers / Making Chains / Twisting Twigs /Donning Wild Spring Garlands
14. The Clap Waltz First Waltz / Aylwen’s Waltz / The Straw Hat Waltz
15. Four Baskets High Hopes / Quiet Affection
16. Indoor Games This Way, That Way / The Misplaced Wife / The Mistaken Husband / Surprise from Behind 

Summer (Disc 2)
1. The Long Way Home The Poor Man’s Dream / A Dangerous Quest / Caught with Thieves / The Treasure beneath the Fountain
2. Cozy Contra Jig in the Dirt/ Restless Night /An Unlikely Lullaby
3. Wedding Bell Waltz The Wake-Washed Island / The Swan-Rippled Sunset / The Carillon’s Call
4. Greetings at the Crossroads The Herb-Lined Lane / Apple-Tree Shade / The Painted Cottage
5. Vintage Footwork Harvest Bourrée / Pressing the Fruit / The Yuletide Feast
6. Giddy Promenade Longing to Dance / Arm in Arm / Feet in a Frenzy
7. The Albert Hall Pavan Studied Gravity / Virginal Modesty / A Grand Masquerade
8. The Carousel Waltz The Merry Go Round / Another Go /Around Again
9. The Devil’s Mill Keep Your Promises / Don’t Talk to Strangers / Work for Your Oats /Pay for Your Barley
10. The Cloverleaf Waltz Westlake Waltz / Invisible City
11. Travels in Good Company Off to Cuppacumbalong / The Happy Event / Life at a Jig
12. Busy Fellows Frockcoat Fanfare / Fobwatch in Hand /The Forgotten Appointment / Impossible Choice
13. The Palindrome Down to the Sea / Hopping Hot / A Chilly Dip
14. Bodice and Doublet Warm Breeze / The Tussled Sheets / The Language of Paradise
15. Juggling Partners A Smile Glimpsed / A Conversation Struck /An Invitation Extended /A New Romance
16. Love’s Labour Aelfric’s Arrival /The Enchanted World

Autumn (Disc 3)
1. The Pyrotechnic Polka Lanterns in the Courtyard /Carnival in the Kitchen / Flame-throwing Beast / Fireworks Finale
2. Take Eyes Make-Believe / The Pink Lawn / The Coin in the Glass
3. The Secret Liaison Waltz The Fleeting Glance / The Careless Touch / The Stolen Kiss
4. Running the Gauntlet Difficult Times / Faithful Friends / Thick and Thin / Blind Luck
5. That Broad Road Amorous Smiles / Wanton Compliments / Unchaste Kisses / Scurrilous Songs
6. Making the Bed The Pleasure Garden/ Heady Scents / Welcome Rain
7. The Battering Ram The Old Walled Town / The Cart beneath the Steps / Panic on the Cobblestones / The Scythians Within
8. The Near-Miss Galop Azaz the Unabridged / The Mathemagician / Sweet Rhyme / Pure Reason
9. The Full-Moon Quadrille Autumn Gold / Aslin’s Waltz
10. The Wrong-Foot Polka Farmyard on the Doorstep / Harlequins in the Chook Run / Bantams in the Rabbit Hutch / Fantails in the Dunny House
11. Riverbank Ramble Amy’s Amble / Skipping Stones
12. The Labyrinth Riddle in the Hedges / The Branched Way / A Thorny Dilemma / Which Rose Arbour?
13. The Courtship Polka The Girl in Green / Princess Serena / The Dancing Angel
14. Boots and Blades Mazurka Fresh Air Fun / Splashing in Mud / Skating on Ice
15. The Purple Tulip Drama A-Foot / Miming Desires / On Polished Boards
16. The Sweetheart Quadrille Tender Words /Farewell Waltz

Winter (Disc 4)
1. The Choreographer’s Fancy A World of Symbols / Interlaced Borders / Perpetual Motion /Invented Tradition
2. Rings and Swings Beyond Oak and Elm / Between Cherry and Plum / Behind Purple Gates
3. The Quarter-Short Square Chatting in the Marketplace / Chance Encounters / Distant News / Hot Gossip
4. Past, Present and Future The Elves’ Pavan / The Fairies’ Frolic / The Goblins’ Brawl
5. Turning the Tables A Hope-Filled Heart / Chase and be Chased
6. Two-to-Twirl Strange Sights / The Dancer’s Calling / The Caller’s Piping / The Piper’s Dancing
7. The Loose Cannon Galop The Lute-Backed Boat / The Carved Head / On an Ocean of Drones
8. The Coachman’s Puzzle Glittering in the Snow / The Golden Key / The Jewelled Chest
9. A Delightful Play A Slow Dawn / The Early Bird / Chuang-tzu and the Butterfly
10. The Shepherd’s Trials Red Sky Warning / Drops from Nowhere / The Foreshadowed Storm / The Blue between the Clouds
11. The Knotted Square The Cloistered Wish / The Parterre Rendezvous / Topiary Lovers
12. Reconciliation Reel The Crowd in the Park / Sitting on the Outside / Dancing on the Inside
13. The Tangled Web The Morning Walk / The Midday Dream
14. The Cavalier’s Mazurka Dance Card Clues / Brass Button Waistcoat / Long White Gloves
15. The Druid’s Ring The Worm Ouroboros / Infernal Music
16. The Chess Dance Crowned Pretenders / Glove-Puppet Bishops / Hobby-Horse Knights / Cardboard Castles

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