Stringbeans, The – Handpicked


The album “Handpicked” by The Stringbeans.

The Stringbeans – Handpicked
by John Williams

It is always good when accomplished musicians get together to follow a combined interest.
This is the case with this CD as four talented musicians get together to play.
The quartet comprises Wendy Jackson, Will Manovel, Leo Kahans and Mike St. Clair-Miller.
Their aim was to draw from their various backgrounds of Australian and North American bluegrass, swing and country blues to create their own unique sound.
They’ve done it!
The tracks are diverse and show the variety of interests of the band members. “Little Red Wagon” has a real swing feel to it and yet it also sounds bluegrass as well.
Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” is great and the touch of bluegrass makes for toe tapping listening.
“Top of the Mountain” is a favorite of mine and has a real swing feel to it.
As an old Beatles fan I really enjoyed the Stringbeans version of “I’ve Just Seen a Face”.
There were other great tunes on the CD.
Among my favorites were “Washington County” a strong instrumental and the catchy song.
“I Still Carry You Around” is also great listening.
Paul Kelly’s “Our Sunshine” adds a great Aussie flavour to the CD.
The CD finishes with a Monroe tune “Tombstone Junction” which rounds it off beautifully enabling each musician to show their musical ability.
It leaves you wanting more, the sign of a good CD.
Buy this CD.
You won’t be disappointed.

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